Sungei Buloh

Posted: October 12, 2008 in butterflies, macro photography
  1. none says:

    I like different people and cultures! I would never be racist..and don't let them get to ya! So you Scuba? When i get back to San Diego, I will be taking underwater photos. I snorkel only, and snorkeled alot in California.

  2. That's good to know! I know.. I can't help it… I'm useless…
    Yup, I've been a divemaster for about a year now… and I love taking underwater photos! Do post them! I can't wait to see yours! 🙂

  3. Dear Ellen,I guess, you've already got my personal message. So I'll keep it short here.Having been enriched in my life by people from many different cultures, racism makes me sick to my stomach. It's undeniable that racism is plain stupidity.If I witness racism, I am sometimes so poleaxed that it leaves me speechless. Afterwards, I am so mad at myself for not yelling at that idiot. And when it comes to group dynamics – sometimes the collective quotient of intelligence evens out at the lowest individual quotient… Cheers to the independent mind!

  4. none says:

    yeah it can be frustrated I bet.Have your underwater photos posted anywhere?I'll be back in San Diego, CA next fall! Can't wait!

  5. "And when it comes to group dynamics – sometimes the collective quotient of intelligence evens out at the lowest individual quotient"
    That is so so true… I don't know what it is about being in a group that suddenly turns their behaviour so irrational. It's like mob mentality or a group of people is really a manifestation of randomness… where a random brainless act of violence or stupidity is backed and repeated by the group instead of stopping it. It feels like an avalanche. A snowflake falling and the whole cliff comes down after it!

  6. My underwater photos are back on my old posts in my old site. I'll be diving this weekend so hopefully I can get some good underwater shots to share 🙂
    I'll be waiting to see your underwater photo pics! 😀

  7. none says:

    Oh yeah, cool thanks..I really havnt been all over your other blog.I'll go check em out when I make time…thanks!:o)These will be my first underwater shots, although I did test it out here at the lake.

  8. I saw your comments .. .wow.. I'm really flattered… haha… It's really fun taking underwater photos. You've already mastered the critters on land! I believe you'll be hooked on the ones underwater! 😀

  9. Raymond says:

    I've read that in a study of group dynamics there tends to emerge a group mind that is capable of existing independently and apart from the shared experiences of the individuals within the group. I think it could be true that many people mistake the perceiptions (or opinions) of others because the group mind is very much inflexible or ridgid. Also, I think its worth noting that while an individual may be a part of the group, and is accustomed to following the dictates of the group, it does not follow that the individual will embrace without reservation the decisions of the group. And finally, I think there are times when we all get lost in the forest and lose sight of the trees.

  10. none says:

    Sure! Oh I been hooked before, just never had a water proof cam!I just have to get back to California!

  11. That's true… I admit that I am also guilty sometimes of standing by in silence sometimes while watching a group carry out a 'witch-burning' (group bully) that has no rational basis to it other than somehow the group sentiment has gotten out of hand. But not doing anything about it and going with the flow sort of makes me guilty also… even if I felt it wasn't right… erm… I don't know if I'm expressing myself correctly…

  12. Raymond says:

    Its okay, I understand 🙂

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