Day of the Green Baron

Posted: October 25, 2008 in butterflies, macro photography
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The Friendliest Green Baron You Could Ever Meet

Today is the day of the Green Baron.  Because I spent at least half an hour with what I would say is the friendliest butterfly ever encountered to date:

1) Didn't run even when I got so close I was putting my lens less than half a metre away from it

2) Didn't run even when I reached out my finger in front of it.  It put two feet on it but then changed its mind and moved to a nearby leaf

3) Didn't run even when I struggled with my monopod right in front of it with the leafs and bushes rustling and all

4) Didn't EVEN run when I blew on its wings so that it would close up its wings so that I could get a side shot.

The thing IS… I thought it was a commander butterfly because a lot of butterflies in that family range have that characteristic lacey underwear.  It reminds me of English lace, of doilies and the kind of petticoats I used to wear 15 years ago.

And later when I got home, I checked the butterfly expert's checklist and a reference book on butterflies of the malay peninsula and realised that the butterfly WAS wearing the lacey petticoat but it was also wearing a pair of stripes on its shoulders   Also the edging of the hind wing of the Commander was different.

I had thought the Commander couldn't be this calm around people when it was such a skittish butterfly.  Guess I was right. 

The Knight That's Afraid of the light

I am adding several moret to my list of photosensitive butterflies.  So this is my current list:

1) All hesperidae (skippers)

2) Two palmflies (tawny and common palmfly)

3) One arhopala (centaur oak blue)

4) Green Baron Euthalia Adonia Pinwilli

5) The Knight Lebadea Martha Parkeri

6) The Caron

I flashed this guy and this is the look on its face just as it flies away in fright.

Maybe they should name it The Fright…instead of the Knight.. heh heh…

The Knight/Fright: "AAAAHHHH!!!! The light!!!"

There it goes again.  Heh.  Can't figure out why some butterflies are sensitive whereas others are not.


And there's the knight when he thinks all is fine and dandy (shot without flash.  Can't see squat about the wing details…).  Always resting with the wings flat instead of up.

The Baron That Had Light Sensors at the Back of his Head

I flashed the baron from behind and it flew away without turning to see what it was.

My Third and Fourth Plus Ones

Besides the Green Baron and the Knight these were two more plus ones for me.

This butterfly is intriguing.  Its feelers are so long it's almost half the wingspan and it has such weird twig like long legs.  One of those butterflies with really strange body proportions.

I was so happy when I saw this beauty through my viewfinder!!! Look at that pretty tail!  Look at those huge black beautiful eyes!

Never get Tired Of You Ever (Bossy Eggflies and Skittish Butterflies)

If there's one domineering bossy butterfly around that I'll never get tired of, it's got to be the eggfly.  But so far I've only ever photographed the Great Eggfly, the Malayan Eggfly and the Jacintha…


 Bossy Eggfly: "This TREE is MINE!!! Now SHOO!!!"





 I encountered many of these vividly coloured blue pansy females today.  They had that newness in the colour and texture of their wings, were sluggish and slow to fly away from me when the species is normally quite skittish and looked like they were sunning their wings.  I suspect they were newly eclosed.

 The Leopard is another irritatingly challenging butterfly.  I followed one today for much longer than the Green Baron and didn't even get a decent shot of it.

 When I inch my viewfinder up to my face, you can see the leopard beat its wings.  Once the beat slows down, it looks like it's calming down but I just inch my viewfinder a little bit up more and the wings start beating furiously again.  Ignore that and continue to move and the leopard will be off in an orange flash.

 This was a REALLY hard shot to muster.

 The Lemon Emigrant is another skittle.  Waited for it to settle on this flower for just ONE second.  *CLICK* and just as this photo was taken in that split second, the butterfly fled like a jet. 

 I usually cannot be bothered to wait for these yellows to settle before they are photographed but it just so happened that this mating pair decided to choose a very aestethic location to mate on.  Unfortunately, they were disturbed by my intrusiveness and the pair took off shyly with one butterfly dangling away comically from the other butterfly's butt.


Now for some icky stuff.

 Found this translucent pasty white moth under a leaf.  Teased it out with my finger and realised it was the weirdest looking moth I have ever seen.  Moths have a weird way of lying on their stomachs with their feet all sprawled out that makes it hard for me to say that they are attractive in a conventional sort of way like butterflies are… but they are still very fascinating.

 I think this is a crab.  Normally I would associate crab with chilli and yummy but today I don't know why it reminds me of a hairy tarantula.

 Caught this spider eating with exactly those two legs holding a fly or some small insect to its mouth.  Still can't reconcile with spiders.  Too freaky.

 And this babe looks like a vampire with those red fangs…YEESSHH… *gets the creeps*

 Hey does this fella look like one the not so nice characters in A Bug's Life?  It looks like it was staring at me right through the viewfinder.  There were 3 of them and they were all freaky and flew off in a hovering kind of freaky way.  I hope it's just my imagination.

All of 7cm long

 This dragonfly was 7cm long.  I kid thee not.  I stood there and waited for it to land and it is one huge BOSSY dragonfly, chasing everything away (except me).

The only Plus One Bird Shot.


Wow…parrots sure can make a lot of noise.  I know they're pretty but boy they sure can be noisy.







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  1. none says:

    alll excellent photos!Your colors are so rich, do you increase saturation in an editor?In any effect they do not look natural….but are awesome!!!

  2. Yeah I saturate. DSLRs have a fair bit of ghosting and flaring and sometimes some amount of post processing needs to be done. I don't do a lot of processing but I admit I adjust the saturation, the hues and the contrast. After shooting, I compare the shot with the actual thing on the spot but I have to admit that I'm not very good at estimating how much saturation and contrast to compensate for so I do tend to lean towards making the photo nice instead of very accurate 😛 … fault of mine… but yeah you're not the first to mention overly bright pics 😀

  3. Delicious. Feasts for the eye, all. Good job.

  4. tom says:

    The only thing I dislike about your work is trying to pick my favorite. :-)Seriously, these are absolutely amazing, E. Stunning.

  5. Wow… thanks for the great compliment 🙂

  6. Emjay says:

    As usual your photos are gorgeous and as Tom says it is hard to pick a favourite – though in this series I lean towards the heebie jeebie – just because it is not as pretty as all the others 🙂

  7. Thanks! Hahaha! Yeah well I guess it does stand out in that way… looking at it still gives me the heebie jeebies… 😛 *skin crawl*

  8. none says:

    Thought so, nothing wrong with that. I have had asked the question too.I usually compare the photo shot with nature right away to check for the natural color, sat, exposure, DOF and focal point.Your color sats are great!

  9. Thanks! Still I have to admit I have to restrain myself sometimes from overkilling it! 😛

  10. none says:

    They are beautiful as is :o)

  11. xiaobubu006 says:

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