Mandai Orchid Gardens

Posted: October 26, 2008 in butterflies, macro photography

Decided to overcompensate by not heeding weather forecasts and heading down to an area which I'd been meaning to explore for a long time.

Unplanned exploration + never been to site + don't heed weather forecast = wasted trip

Even the one thing which might have made it worth it.. like this tawny palmfly.. refused to allow it by sitting with its wing tip to me.  And just as I shimmied over to the side, a common palmfly came along and shoo-ed the fella to grassy obscurity where I failed to locate it after it flew into an entirely inaccessible area. 

And then one would have thought that since the dark clouds had already arrived and all the butterflies quickly went into hiding, that maybe you could take that one good shot of the brave (but common) dark glassy tiger and then it wouldn't let you get any closer to allow a better photo than this.

Thankfully the sad blue eyed caterpillar of the Autumn Leaf crawled up to allow a few moments of ok-i-guess-i'll-make-do.  Must be the trip from yesterday.  Must have raised my expectations sky high.  I'll try to be appreciative.

At least the carpenter bee gave me that second chance to get a close up since the last time I screwed up the close up with my dirty sensor.

And no it seems busy carpenters are not afraid of dark rain clouds.

Neither is this male aurora.  Initially mistook it for the common fluctuans and servilia or the similarly marked luzonicum.  But after staring hard at the pictures, it turns out this strongly marked dragonfly (with a much broader tail than the luzonicum) is actually the male of the aurora.  The female is a pretty pink.

Usually, when there are no butterflies or dragonflies or bees around, it's time to fall back on the hoppers which usually can be found everywhere, especially when you take a step.  They all come flying out from under your foot.

Sigh… the rains made it all a waste… I'm going to bed….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Emjay says:

    I'm glad you are over the flu and I like your new banner. The hoppers are cute – especially that red one.

  2. Thanks! Actually I'm now coming down with a cough after getting caught in the rain … sigh… yup that red hopper was sitting out in the open today otherwise it would have been hard getting a good photo of it in the dark of the shade and become another scrapped photo… I've tried taking a photo of this red one quite a number of times and it didn't turn out proper. 🙂

  3. Raymond says:

    I like your new 'do'. Pictures are as awesomely as always. 🙂

  4. Thanks! It looks less sad now huh… no more broken glass and stuff.. just nice fluffy butterflies 😛 heh!

  5. You're back! I've not gone around to your site yet. Just felt well enough to log on… was very sick *again* (so sick of being sick) for the last few days…
    I'm glad you liked it! 🙂 Well… I only had half an hour before the rain fell… it was such a bummer…*going off to your site now* 😀

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