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Posted: November 2, 2008 in butterflies, macro photography



Funny… I had this feeling I had a lot of great shots today but after posting this I realised I didn't but my giddy happiness over finally having a bright sunny day seems to have overriden any dissatisfaction with anything.

There was actually a bird on the branch.  But it flew away and I got a photo of very bright and happy leaves.  Yay!

And obscurely, this is my best photo of the day.  I don't know what it is but it's cute.  It's also very big, very coy, rather hairy and skipped around shyly in order to make me crawl on all fours to get into a bush to make friends with it.

This was supposed to be my best photo of the day.  Because I had never shot this fella before.  He was fluttering around the area where the tawny palmfly had been to compensate me for not getting a good shot that day and getting drenched enough to land in hospital instead.

[Post Edit 3rd Nov: Apparently this is not the Jamides Alecto Ageladas but the common Caerulean…. I'm very confused and small ID pictures in my reference books are not helping]

But when I got home, it was blurred and I decided to torture myself by squinting at two pages worth of very small butterfly pictures to get a match (said book is The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula by Steven Corbet and Pendlebury).  

I would like to suggest that next time people come up with a book to identify anything, they should have 3-D pop up holograms of the real thing that people can turn around and around and magnify 20 times. 

[Post Edit 3rd Nov: Apparently this is not the common caerulean but the metallic Caerulean which I've never shot before…. I'm very confused and AGAIN small small small eeeny weeeny ID pictures in my reference books are not helping] 


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  1. Oh, what a wonderful day! Yoda sounds like a really nice person. You describe your day so well, I get a feeling I have been there with you. So I got my dose of sunlight and joy, too. Thank you!

  2. Raymond says:

    Reading your post also gave me a contact high. Your pictures are so beautiful, I hope one day you get published, you deserve major royalities! 🙂

  3. This IS a happy post! I'm pleased to announce that we had an AMAZING, sunny, warm, beautiful day here too, and not even getting my car towed (oops) could dampen my mood!
    I think an obelisk is a stone tower or monument, so calling that 'pose' the obelisk pose kinda makes sense!!
    The Washington Monument

  4. Dearest Nikki, it's a very pathethic little that I seem to be able to help. I really hope that it cheered you up somewhat.
    Yeah Yoda is ok I guess.. one of the few rare people who managed to slip through the cracks… I hope…
    I hope winter ends real soon for you, Nikki. And you get some real good sun. And blue skies… big bright blue skies…to make everything all better again in the strange way that only big bright blue skies can.

  5. Thanks Tic-Tac… I hope things are more settled for you now… your blog changed so much… I almost couldn't recognise you…
    I'm a long way to getting to publishing standard. And I guess I'm a big stupid girl to say that I can't be bothered with publishers because I don't have any good experiences with them 🙂

  6. Your car got towed?! Ah shucks!!! Seems like everybody's got hiccups to major loving needed across my entire neighbourhood!
    Yes about the obelisk thingamajigga. My friend cued me in on that one with a text message guffaw.this morning. Bet he had the best monday morning kick ever…and spent the rest of the day being tickled silly.
    Yeah… basilisk. Obelisk. Dang the stupid language of English. Why must they all sound so much the same huh? 😛
    *feels stooopid* 😀

  7. Oh, Butterflyefftect, your post just put me in the best mood ever!

  8. Raymond says:

    Yeah, well maybe you could set your own standards? Betch could!

  9. none says:

    Great shots! :o)

  10. I'm glad it did! 😛 🙂

  11. I have my own standards! 😀 And they're so low sometimes I'm too easily satisfied! 😀

  12. none says:

    :o)keep up the great work!

  13. none says:

    I miss the creatures of summer around here, bur i am able to get in some birdies on video.

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