Alexandra Hospital Butterfly Trail

Posted: November 8, 2008 in butterflies, macro photography

Note on photo: It's back to the old training grounds today.  As usual, my favourite blue eyes stayed up in its usual tree wiggling its two pointy tails together in blue-eyed glee.  Without my 500mm this is the best shot I could muster. 

Note on photo: Either it's a species trait or every Autumn leaf I have ever photographed all seem to behave as if they wanna lay eggs.  I followed one 'I wanna lay eggs' around till it got chased away by a Chocolatey-goodness-me pansy and then stalked this 'I don't wanna lay eggs but I don't wanna cooperate either' till it decided to sit for a shot in the face.

Note on photo: "I don't wanna lay eggs but I don't wanna cooperate either" finally obliged with a topside shot.

Note on photo: This is a blue Glassy tiger.  I realise I used to think that the dark glassy tiger was a blue glassy tiger back on my old blog.  Now I realised blue glassy tigers are much bigger (or so it seems to me) and have a different forewing shape (or so it seems to me) and the stripe at the top of the forewing seems to be broken.

Note on photo: Chestnut Bobbos didn't kick its little shortest fore feet when I flashed it today.  It makes me think it might not be Bobbo at all…


Note on photo: Leopards as usual are impossible.  Inflight shots only.


Note on photo: Ran round to the back of the compound to avoid nunchaku-wielding photographer after I saw him flip his tripod near a dark glassy tiger.  But albatrosses and pansies not cooperating either.  Cannot see peacock spots on peacock pansy wing as wings only half open.  And pansy appears to only have one clubbed feeler!!!! EEPS!

Note on photo: My first encounter with the acisoma panorpoides.  Such a pretty dragonfly.  Such a skittle too.  Skittled till it settled in the middle of the pond and I couldn't get close enough to it.

Note on photo: My favourite place in whole compound is the small pond at the back where the dragonflies whiz around like crazy.

Sat down there for a while waiting for urothemis signata to land while listening to Breaking Benjamin's "Rain.".

Note on photo: I know about butterflies posing on flowers but the signata is the first dragonfly I've seen purposely choosing flowers to land on.  What gives?  I know dragonflies don't drink nectar… DO THEY?!!

Note on photo: Good to know that the collared kingfisher is still hanging around.  Shot this with the C180.  Yay C180!











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  1. Emjay says:

    Your father's advice on the finding the bridge is very wise. Sometimes it can seem that the bridge is no-where in sight or when we see it we can't figure out how to get to it. I hope the pay cut is not too dramatic.Your photos are beautiful as usual. I love the kingfisher!

  2. SusanMac says:

    I loved all of your pictures. It brightens my day when you post all those lovely photos. (Except of course for mr. bugeyes). Hope things go well. The whole world has been affected by this recession. We here in the USA tend to just focus on our problems, but it is not just our problem. Hope the world leaders can come up with some plans. Things are not looking so good now. Sorry you are being affected.

  3. Patrick Mc says:

    This morning I was feeling lost. My wife Susan, gave me a bit of encouragement as she usually does. She also suggusted that I view some of your butterfly pix. We both like photographing butterflies, especially my wife, she is better at it than I.
    I really enjoyed all of your photos and your blog entries. Your work and Susan's advise has encouraged me to get out with my new camera today. Thank's.
    I liked the lyrics and melody to "Rain" but the video is kind of sad.

  4. Your posts are sometimes like beautiful tapestries; woven through with bright threads and texture. I love the way you mix your photos with thoughts and stories. It's lovely that you're here.

  5. Thanks! Well the last time they did a pay cut they sliced off about 20% of an already very low salary. Ah shucks… can't really see any bridges at the moment to that… my Dad is getting retrenched also soon, which really makes me sole breadwinner now…

  6. Thanks Susan! 🙂 Yeah I guess dragonflies are a little creepy up close! They are after all very ferocious predators when it comes to butterflies and the other insects they survive on :P.
    Ahhh… yeah… I really do hope Obama will do the US a whole load of good. Loads of things that happens in the US do affect us in some way or another… 🙂

  7. No I do not mind at all! 🙂 It would be my very great honour that you do so 😀
    Yup that's my Dad! He's not perfect but he's the best Dad I know. Sometimes that makes it hard for a lot of guys to match up to my standards cos I seem to be looking for someone like my good old Daddy! 🙂

  8. I'm glad you liked my photos and my silly blog entries! 😛 I'm a real fan of your wife's photos too!
    Hmm… photography has helped me in a lot of ways since I started. It really helped with the days when I felt really depressed or sad. In a way photography is like poetry… in a different form 🙂
    And it helps that it makes you get out of the house too 😛
    Yeah… Rain is not actually a happy song but I really like the melody and I like that it's not a happy song (don't think I can tolerate a happy song with the way things are going… a happy song seems really detached from reality somehow… haha).
    I kind of like how it's resigned and accepting instead of the mostly angsty songs that Breaking Benjamin writes. The video is actually from their songs "So Cold" and "Diary of Jane", two very depressing and angsty songs. 😛

  9. Thanks Jillie! I'm glad you like them! I've got no one to tell my thoughts… and I don't want to bring them to bed so I put them here even though they have nothing to do with my photos! 😀

  10. AAAAHH the Kingfisher!!! I am a bird FREAK (though I can't take pictures of animals to save my life, heck, you saw the snail) so it was fun to be scrolling through, reading your stories, oohing and aahing over the butterflies, and BAM. You must see the most outrageous birds there.
    Fantastic! Keep on keepin' on, butterfly. And if you can't find a bridge, by God, you're just going to have to build one. 🙂

  11. Lauri says:

    I love your photos, and your thoughts and your ruminations on life. This is a scary time in the world. But, we are all in this together. Sorta, kinda! ;)Your photos take me right away from my worries. I can practically dive into them and enjoy the beauty. Thanks for another great post! 🙂

  12. Actually I don't see loads of birds here. I have a book on birds of South East Asia and it seems maybe about half the birds here have gone extinct. 😦 I think you get a lot more birds where you are!!! 😀
    I never thought about. Building a bridge. Should have thought of that earlier. 😛 Was always looking for a solution that was already tried, tested and already there.

  13. Yes we are! Everything that happens in the US affects us in a GREAT way! Go Obama! I hope he does great things for the US!!!! 😀

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