Sentosa Butterfly Enclosure

Posted: November 10, 2008 in butterflies, macro photography
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This birdwing landed on the flowery canopy at the main waterfeature of the old training grounds.  That's a gift.

Oops but from here on out, it's all butterflies on demand.  With the exception of the photo that doesn't bear my name… .



























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  1. none says:

    Two of my brothers learned Taekwondo when I was growing up…taught me a thing or two and it came in handy! One was a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

  2. Jaffnut says:

    I have so missed your fantastic photos of butterflies, caterpillars etc Ellen!!! I love the intensity of the orange on your first photo. Re Taekwondo, I did it for a couple of years many years ago. I didn't go as far a Patrick though, he's one chap not to mess with 😉

  3. Oooh…what belt are you? I've only got those that hold my jeans up. I wouldn't want to get into a confrontation with you (or your brothers) *throws smoke at Patrick and runs away on the rooftops* 😛

  4. Where have you been? where have you been? where have you been? 😀 So good to hear from you again!!!!
    Yeah isn't that orange face such a cutie.. I molested the caterpillar by running my finger along its soft furry back… what an adorability!!! *naughty* 😛

  5. none says:

    lol, you're cute!No I dont' have a belt..just know some moves and pressure points.;-)

  6. GG says:

    cool butterflies

  7. Maybe paid love. Still looks great to me! But I can totally understand the big difference between being "free and in the wilderness" with butterflies compared to this experience (Reminds me of what you said about zoos. Remember? In the beginning of our friendship).I was so surprised to see the Taekwondo photos on your blog. Quite a change of subject. Still, I think I discovered a pattern: Quick moving and elegant objects. And of course, there is the clout of the butterfly effect.

  8. Patrick Mc says:

    All of these are really good.

  9. Now that you suddenly remind me,,, wow… yeah… it feels like such a long time ago when I was reading about Lotti and our shared irritation with noisy inconsiderate zoo visitors… whoa… I think we came a long loooonnng way from there to here!!! I'm so glad you decided to ditch the 'face' you had to show to the people around you and became free to write whatever you wanted and whatever you felt. Rock on Nikki!!! 😀

  10. Building that new blog was some smart decision. I'm so glad I did!

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