Siren Song Of The Sea

Posted: November 13, 2008 in underwater photography

After about 3 hours of debating with myself and my instructor heatedly over sms, my instructor decided not to take on the risk of me dying on her even though she really really really wanted me to share a room with her this weekend so that she would not have to sleep in the crew room with irritating old men from the other dive school.

I asked: "What's the worst that they could do?"

Instructor: "These strange tattoed old men.  They don't know what I'm talking about..and they… they just make no sense!  They just irritate the hell out of me."

Senseless irritating old men.  'Kaayyyy….

My life doesn't make any sense.  It's my birthday and I'm not diving?!  Ridiculous! I belong to the sea!  I'll dive if I have to bunk in the same room with 100 old men that make no sense and have such conversations with them all weekend:

Senseless irritating old man (sleeping on upper bunk, talking down): "What do you get if you cross a Nemo with a mermaid?"

Me (turns over in lower bunk): "ZzzzZZZzzzz…….ZZzzzZZZZzzz……..ZZZzzZZZZzzzZZZz…."

Thank goodness the money needed to buy the technology to talk underwater is too expensive for the masses.  HAH!

Nobody who has 'drunk' of the sea can resist the siren song of the sea.

My mother initially made me promise her never to dive again.  Then towards the last few months she said she knew I was going to go back to the sea.

Just how strong is the siren song?

Strong enough. 

You just can't help but fall in love.  Obsessively.  Uncontrollably.  Self-destructively. Everlasting.

I miss the sea.  Busted eardrum and going solo from openwater to divemaster had never stopped me. 

In the black waters of Hantu, you are closest to an experience akin to your mother's womb.

In the blue waters of Layang Layang, you are in underwater heaven.

I belong to the sea.



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  1. Wait, wait, you are confusing me here! "This weekend"+ "birthday"??? Aren't we talking next weekend? My calender says bold and clear: Birthday, Ellen, Nov. 23. You are not ahead in time by one week in Singapore, are you? And wouldn't it be apropriate to start pretending your a week younger than you are, not older?I am confused and need some explanation here!Your passion for diving sounds wonderful!!!!Almost contagious… if only I wasn't so afraid of water and swimming. Probably some farmer's daughter syndrom: had to work in summer and learnt (some splashing you might call) swimming too late in live to feel comfortable in water. Sigh.

  2. none says:

    I loved this story! I like the way you write!I have only gone snorkeling, lots…love that still sees alot in San Diego waters.Go girl The Siren of the Sea! I looove the ocean and miss it!

  3. Jaffnut says:

    I've never been diving but I do believe it is addictive as you say. I too am drawn to water,especially the ocean. There's something so free yet unforgiving about it. Anyway, happy birthday for this or next weekend. Mine is this Sunday and we'll be having lunch by the bay.

  4. Haha… yeah it's actually next weekend. My bad. I meant to say that it was my birthday month and I can't believe I'm not diving. I usually dive every month but this month I'm not diving. Which is weird 🙂
    You'll be surprised to know that I learnt swimming only about 4 years ago 🙂 when I decided that I wanted to learn diving!

  5. A couple of my friend prefer to take photos while snorkelling instead of diving. Their claim is that the photos look better cos snorkelling is much shallower than diving which creates problems for white balance. 😛
    Ah but I love both. I run away to snorkel during surface intervals. My friends are the same. Nobody seems to want to be on dry land on dive vacations! 😀
    Can't wait to see your underwater pics! 🙂

  6. none says:

    Ahh yeah I can understand both. For deep diving photos, don't they use a flash and/or external lighting?Me too, I cant wait to take them!

  7. They do! 🙂 But not bright enough unless you bring those super duper duper big ones when you're at 40 metres looking at schools and schools of long nose unicorn fish! Amazing sight! 😀

  8. none says:

    Ahh I see, thanks hun.Ohh soo awesome! I want to go!

  9. Learn diving! Are you certified yet? Time to bring those photography skills underwater! I promise you the experience will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Like it did mine! And then next time while you're going about your business, you'll suddenly hear the siren song of the sea and have no choice but to answer! 😀

  10. You're a SAG!!! NO WONDER you're so meticulous with your wonderful shots and stories. I should have guessed. Happy birthday month!

  11. Thanks Jillie! 😛 Heh.. can't imagine myself as 'meticulous'..but am glad that you think I am! 😀 ahahaha

  12. none says:

    hah, cute! Oh loove the sea! I was 4 feet from Seals underwater one time…they look cute smiling at ya!The siren song of the sea, would be you.. 😉

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