Death by Tiger

Posted: November 15, 2008 in butterflies, macro photography
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Note on photo: I was at my favourite place today to get some peace and quiet.  There were a lot of butterflies today thanks to this plant… which also attracted this bug eyed wasp like creature.

A Painful Way To Die

A man committed suicide by jumping into the white tigers' enclosure in the Singapore Zoo on November 13th.  And while talk in my circles focused on his choice and how inconsiderate he was in having to traumatise other people in the process, I can't help but wonder why he didn't get any help before he became desperate enough to do something like this.

Note on photo: This is my first shot of the common tiger.  The plain tiger which I've shot many times is smaller than this fella.  The common tiger is one huge butterfly in comparison to the plain tiger..

Note on photo: The common tiger came out only after the rain.  Today was a real gloomy day.  But I took the risk anyway and went down.  I figured if it rained, I would do a bit of thinking.

Note on photo: The common tiger was so cooperative even though I was just sitting on the damp grass and not bothering to move too much.







Note on photo: Loads of lacewings today.   

Note on photo:  I realised the trick to taking a photo of the very mobile lemon emigrant is to find a plant where it goes about each flower in turn and put your camera to your eye and follow it until it lands on a flower at an angle that you want.   

Note on photo:  This is the first time I've gotten close enough to the leopard to take a photo of an good full open wing shot.  It was all thanks to the common tiger.  I followed it followed it followed it and it led me led me led me right into the leopard.

Note on photo: Finally got to see a male blue pansy after all the female pansies I'd seen there.  Yay blue pansy!

Note on photo: This common mormon was a chance inflight shot.  I forgot to rear sync my flash today so some butterflies look like they'd been hit in the face with a strong flash.

Note on photo: I initially thought this was the Archduke but realised it was too small.  It wouldn't let me take a proper shot of the wing but turned to face me with that look of uncooperation on its face.  Ok, you got character.  Just turn for me will ya?









Note on far left photo: I guess it's a horsfeld baron because it's the closest match with these poor ID photos.

Note on photo: I got bitten no end by ants all the way from my ankles to my chest thanks to tiny ants deciding that they didn't want me around stepping on their relatives.

Note on photo:  I kinda wonder why the ants don't bite the pea blue…

Note on photo: Skippity Doo daaa… Skippity dayyy…

Note on photo:  I followed this large fella excitedly until I realised it was a moth.  Dang.

Note on photo: I followed this Great Mormon for ages.  This is my first sighting of it in the wild.  It was trying to puddle on the ground (and give me a nice shot) but somehow that didn't happen.

Note on photo:  I followed the Great Mormon into some undergrowth where this spider (and another one) blocked off my access from all fronts.  To make its point, it had a dead fly all wrapped up as a warning.  I wanted to whack the web apart with my monopod but decided I should have more respect for 8 legged creatures even though I positively hate them. (I did accidentally walk into a couple of webs today… one spider came running into the middle before I went smack into it… that probably saved its effort… and gave me a good fright also).


Note on photo:  I enjoyed looking at these columns and columns of blooming yellows… until I got bitten by more ants.

Note on photo: I was slow moving and unpicky today.  Hurray yellow.  Even though I had to stick my face in some ants to take this shot.

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  1. Emjay says:

    Your photos as usual are spectacular. I especially like that black spotted crow butterfly. I really like the way you lay out your posts with your feelings interspersed with nature's beauty.Did you suffer any effects from the ant bites?

  2. Well… not any that I can detect! 😀
    I believe this is the first time I've photographed it as well. It was a magnificent butterfly, huge, hungry and very friendly. Didn't mind me hovering over it and bugging it for so long 🙂

  3. GG says:

    very beautiful fotos

  4. Once again I'm transported by your perfect shots and your thoughts. Thank you for sharing all of this.

  5. none says:

    You blow me away with such beautiful images!Most excellent work!:o)

  6. Thanks Jillie! 🙂 I'm doing my best to distract you! 😛

  7. none says:

    You have so much to say here…alot of thought provoking.Not only are you gifted in photography, you are gifted in thought. :o)U2 has always been a great band that I like, with many meaningful songs.I agree with your assessments on that guy's suicide.

  8. Your photos are so beautiful, again! I got the paper prints today. Your pictures look even better like that!!!Your metaphor of the house and your thoughts are very strong. The story of the suicide really gives me a lump in my throat. I don't remember, which writer said this, but it still is very true: Most of us lead a life in silent despair.

  9. Raymond says:

    I too like the way you've expressed your sorrow. I think a lot of people care, but they don't have the skills it takes to format higher thought forms, like empathy. Of course, when it happens to them, well, that's different…
    Love your butterfly pictures (as in always do…), hope with the demise of the dragonfly population I do become addicted as well. Fact is, you do butterflies better than any two photographers I know! Great work my friend 🙂

  10. cat says:

    The male blue pansy is just gorgeous – all the shots are as usual.
    I was thinking about the man who threw himself to the tigers myself. How everyone was saying he was acting strangely that morning and seemed disturbed – but no one asked him was he ok. Just a word from someone could have saved him.

  11. SusanMac says:

    You are so articulate. Always enjoy reading your posts. Sometimes they are sad, sometimes lighthearted, but always well worth reading.

  12. Jaffnut says:

    Phew, what can I say. Your photos and thoughts always give me pause for thought.

  13. If I had to pick one song from one band to be the theme song of my whole life, I would choose one from U2.
    If someone had even shown for a second that they cared, just one second, even if they had never shown him any concern all their lives, it might have made a difference. It's just so sad.

  14. Silent despair. That's so accurate. Was it Marcel Proust who said that the hardest times in his life were the best moments in his life because they made him what he was? I understand that. But still it hurts all the same.

  15. Thanks Raymond. I know.. .who am I to judge? But I am disturbed all the same.
    Butterflies are just as addictive as dragonflies. I'm quite indiscriminate sometimes. I shoot anything that looks nice.

  16. That's exactly it. Everybody seemed to be just standing around and saying 'that guy's gone bonkers' and not feeling like they should be doing something at all or even asking if he was ok.

  17. Thanks Susan.. .unfortunately the last one is gonna bottom out. I'm glad you appreciate my pictures and my ramblings.

  18. Happy Birthday again! 🙂 It's Sunday at 5:39p.m. Maybe Sundays almost over for you now. But I'm sure you have space for one more wish 🙂

  19. none says:

    Us is a great band! humm you give me ideas… ;-)So true what you said, and it is sad.

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