A Dip in the Icy Waters

Posted: December 13, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Note on photo:  Loads of silty suspensions in the water in Hantu as usual.  Comfortably irritating normalcy.

It's official.  Our little dive shop is now merged with two other businesses, and the result of that merger is a nice little boat that goes straight from here to Tioman.

But for this trip, it went around to our local waters.  When it rained hard on me as I was dragging my dive gear halfway across the jetty looking for the dock, I was thinking it was going to be one heck of a day to find anything with the runoff from the rain.

Note on photo: It gets even more irritating when it comes between you and a 6 banded angelfish which is shy in nature and when it circles around to let you get a mugshot, which is really rare, the camera focuses on the specks instead of the fish.  The result is something quite artistic, but nevertheless irritating.  But in hantu, you just have to shrug this kind of shots off.

But visibility was at least 4 metres which is considered YIPPEE in Hantu, barring normal levels of speculate matter in the water.  But dang, water was cold ccc-c-c-c-cold from the rain.

Note on photo: Leatherjackets are a dime a dozen in Hantu waters.  All sorts of shapes and sizes.

This is my first shot of the leatherjacket.  I never could be bothered to take photos in Hantu before.  The last time I dived there I was busy pointing out nudibranches to another diver and considered taking photos in Hantu something of a desperate attempt to take any photo because you couldn't go anywhere else to do so. 

Note on photo:  Very common.  Yet not tagged and bagged in my ID books?  Loads of similar ones but no exact match in terms of colour and pattern.

This trip was particularly fruitful.  Not only did we spot the common stuff like the leatherjackets and crabs, we also got seahorses and squid (which I didn't photograph cos I didn't bring my camera on the first dive cos I thought the visibility would be really bad plus I was holding onto two beer cans, 1 plastic fork, and spoon and a plastic bag, all of which I had found at the bottom of the jetty and was trying to do a mini-hantu-cleanup.)

Note on photo:  Shy little (actually considered big by seahorse standards) seahorse is hoping that if it can't see me, I can't see it.  Stop pretending I can't see you and look at the camera you!!! Shesh!

You wouldn't believe the amount of junk I found at the bottom of the jetty:

1) A rusted kitchen knife

2) At least 10 empty champagne bottles

3) More than 10 beer cans

4) Sackcloth!

5) Rope

6) A dive torch with melting batteries

7) A huge battery cell

8) More plastic bags.

Note on photo: Red crab and I played hide-and-seek.  When I moved to the left, it moved behind a small rock to the right.  When I moved to the right, it moved to the left in open view.  After we did this a few times, the crab threw its pincers in the air: "Fine! Take a picture! Damn divers!!!"

I waved the kitchen knife at my dive bud.  Fortunately, he found that funny.  Cos he's a lawyer and lawyers who don't get jokes are dangerous.

The fishermen who were trying to dock (and who might have been responsible for all the junk in the water) didn't find us funny at all.  Our boats prevented them from docking.  And our divers who had wandered too far prevented them from even getting close. HA! to them.  Stupid fishermen who throw junk off the jetty don't make any sense.  They fish from the sea and they throw their trash into the sea, effectively fishing directly from their own trash can. 

Below are a series of photos from Layang Layang from a loooonnng looooonnng time ago…

The clown trigger fish is one of the most beautiful triggers I have ever seen.  And I'm not alone in this fascination. 

The one and only time I ever saw a saddleback butterfly.  Pretty rare.

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  1. fatcat says:

    Beautiful pictures! Hi, by the way 🙂 I'm fatcat, found you through one of my neighbours. I added you to my 'hood so I can see more of your lovely photos, you're welcome to add me back if you like 🙂

  2. Thanks fatcat! 😀 What a name! keke… 😛 I've added you! Your pics are cutesy wootesy! 😀

  3. So you were back in the ocean. Great! Hope you didn't catch a cold, though!

  4. It's raining again tho…shucks… I wish I can decide in the morning itself whether to take photos on land or in the sea… land photos on sunny days and sea photos on rainy days 😀

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