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Posted: December 27, 2008 in butterflies, macro photography

Note: Had to get that shot which showed that blue colour at certain angles when the butterfly was in flight. Such an intriguing feature.

Last week it was the King Crow, this week it's gone to the other end to the dwarf crow… small but not tiny and flies in the same gliding pattern that the King does, moving down in a circular column with its wings held in a V.

I've not seen this many dwarf crows before.  Turn here and you see one.  Miss that, and you get another one flying past.

Besides the dwarf crows, the spiders were making a comeback after the rain.  And almost every path which had previously been cleared are covered by metre wide webs and fat spiders (some stretched from knee to above my head…eeky).

I have a feeling what I thought was the petronius before might really just have been the Biggs Brownie.

Note: Favourite photo of today.


On Non-Flitty Butterfly Matters

I saw a white bellied fish eagle and a woodpecker today.

My brother bought such a huge slab of beef for Christmas, neither my Dad nor I knew what to do with it.  So Dad sliced the whole thing up into thin steaks like a butcher while I grilled them with rosemary (I think rosemary is really meant for lamb.. but it actually tasted pretty good) and we ate those with potatoes and greens.

I turned up for a Christmas party on Christmas eve. We ate lots of Pocky sticks and chips and sat down cross legged like children at the Christmas tree and unwrapped our presents.

I got a Levi's off-shoulders for the skinny-J, Billabongs, shirts, cubicle furniture, one gigantic fluffy heart cushion and a really fantastic book from a fellow photographer's collection filled with gorgeous B&Ws from women photographers during the period of The Great Depression and the Second World War.

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  1. Emjay says:

    That butterfly looks as though it is daintily tripping through the ants. Sounds as though you ate a lot of meat for Christmas – LOL. I really like the look of that book – I'm sure it is really interesting.

  2. Hhaha.. it's so tiny I bet it can even sit on the ant.. or maybe at least 2 of them. The ants don't seem to attack it though.
    I did eat a lot of meat for Christmas… actually the beef wasn't so bad. It was sweet and tender good quality moo-moo…. it was only after the second slice that I started to feel over the top and then staring down the remaining bloody slab really put me off it.
    The book is great! Some details are captured in them so cleverly and some photographs were just plainly awesome. And every photo felt so raw and unpretentious.

  3. {Amarie} says:

    Thanks for joining! Please be mindful of the group rules and limit your pictures to 3. I believe these have been already posted to Weekend Snapshots. Thanks for your cooperation! 🙂

  4. Hi Diamond, I can't remove my post from the group. I've tried. Please help to remove my entire post with all the pictures from the group. And let me know when you've succeeded. Thanks 🙂

  5. If you can't, please write in to Vox. I've already written in but they may not reply me. I get an error message everytime I click on "remove from Weekend Snapshots". After that's fixed, I'll go in and remove the post and all other content. Or if you succeed in removing it please let me know too. Thanks!

  6. Jeff D says:

    Rosemary on steak is very Tuscan. I believe bistecca a la fiorentina is steak rubbed with salt, pepper and rosemary and cooked over a wood fire to medium rare.

  7. {Amarie} says:

    Thanks for responding! You don't have to remove your posts – the pics are lovely. I just wanted to send a reminder. 🙂

  8. {Amarie} says:

    Thanks for responding! You don't have to remove your posts – the pics are lovely. I just wanted to send a reminder. 🙂

  9. It is? Wow… I am definitely not a cook. I just threw the beef on the grill, sprinkled salt and rosemary and black pepper over it and just flipped it over a few times without leaving on the grill for too long so that they wouldn't be hard enough to kill people if they were thrown at someone (like the cook for e.g. :P)
    One more huge plastic container of beef to go and another 5kg of lamb I think…

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