61 and 1 butterfly

Posted: January 11, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

Note on photo:  This is a much stronger flyer than the short banded sailor, lots faster and more zips less glides.

Site Recce

Did a site recce by simply walking along a path until it ended.  There were almost zero butterflies (with the exception of the ever present yellows and browns and rings) under the overcast sky and (what I felt was) surprisingly low temperatures at 9 in the morning.

Note on photo:  When the butterfly eventually settled on the leaf with that territorially smug look on its hairy face, it was surprisingly easy to creep up behind it and fire at it continuously (without flash because it kept hopping with the flash on)

Eventually I just sat and waited and briefly when the sun came out, a tiger (glassy tiger) appeared and was chased by a zip of white and black.

Note on photo: Instead of moving to another perch when frightened by me (and my flash), the colour sergeant repeatedly returned to the same perch under my camera lens so I didn't need to 'chase' it at all.  How odd.

I only got one butterfly today.  Uno.  But still a plus one.  So hurraaaayyy….

Happy 61st Birthday Daddy!

Dad turned 61 on the Monday after the weekend I spent crawling in the mud on my belly in a neighbouring overseas forest.  Dad said we should finish off the dead cow (the large hunk of beef) that my brother dragged in (bought at ridiculous prices with his meagre salary instead of paying for his own bills).  When we opened up the boxes, the beef was covered in smelly green fungus and I could only say that the cow definitely smelt deader than dead. 

Dad was really upset about the cow so I suggested that we attack the lamb that was still all wrapped up in the fridge from Christmas.  But neither of us knew how to prepare lamb (and my brother was too busy playing computer games to suggest anything).  So we emptied Mum's old herbs and spices into and onto the meat, threw it on the grill in the oven and hoped for the best.

The lamb didn't turn out too bad.  My brother ate most of it and stunk up the whole toilet the next day.

I bought my Dad ice cream cake but he wouldn't let me put the large 6 candles onto it but condescended to have the happy birthday plastic stuck onto the top.

If that looks plain and gravy-less, I would say you're wrong!  It was great!… considering my bachelorette-can't-cook-anything-complicated standards. 😀

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  1. cat says:

    LOL – I can't believe that lump of beef is still hanging around! What you need is a dog.

  2. Lauri says:

    Oh, the lamb and the plate dinner looks delicious! And the cake is absolutely a work of art! 🙂 A Very Happy Birthday to your dad! I'll be turning 53 next month, so I am not that far behind him!!You did VERY well with cooking the lamb! The only way to get good at cooking is to cook! I didn't gain any confidence in cooking until I was about 40…or even 45. Now I just love to cook and try new things and I have a "feel" for how to make things turn out deliciously! But, it took years to get a "feel" for it.

  3. A very BIG dog… erm… an Alaskan Malamute… that weighs 2X my weight with 2X my appetite and whose name is Sam 😛 I always thought Sam was a nice name for a dog! Sigh… if only I could afford the time and space for a dog…*fantasizing*

  4. Thanks! But erm… I didn't bake the cake… I said (rather unromantically) to my Dad: "I'm going to get you a birthday cake. What would you like?"
    Dad (typical traditional Asian parent who refuses everything including the things they really would be happy to have): "No need no need"
    Me (heading out the door): "Ok.. Ice cream cake from Swenson's then."
    I used to cook for my Mum during the space between her not being able to cook and when we hired a house help. But then it was all soups and stuff. Big red meats like beef and lamb are always so daunting!!! 😛

  5. Lauri says:

    Oh, I know you bought the cake! But, it's still a work of art, isn't it! :)That's so sweet to think of your dad saying "no need, no need"….I'll bet he was so happy to have it!

  6. Yes he does…back all those years when we would let him take our birthday photos and buy our birthday cakes when we were children, he was so sad and upset when I once wanted to just spend my birthday not doing any of all that when I was a teenager. So yup, he really does want the birthday cake and attention because later he decided to keep the plastic "happy birthday" for memory! Ahhh… don't I know what he's thinking! 😛

  7. Lauri says:

    That is SO cool! :DI love your dad! And you are super sweet, too! (as for brothers, they are the same the world over, I assure you!) 😀

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