Dumping Grounds

Posted: January 18, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography
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Note on photo:  Not ruficolis cos of lack of long superior anal appendage (seen better below).

What It Takes

Been preparing for a trek through Sarawak forest recently by getting everything from GPS to compasses to trail markers and local experience.

Note on photo:  Check out the blunt end.  Had to manual focus this fella because it was so tiny my lens kept missing it.

Note on photo:  EEEeeeeekkkk~~~~~

Note on photo: Isn't that the cutest thing!? Reminds me of Pokemon.

Note on photo: This blue banded bee bee is so cute… hanging like a teardrop from a leaf.

Note on photo: Not a bee… Not a fly… but a bee fly!!! How cool is that?!

Dumping Grounds

When I told my drinking buddies I couldn't stay late Friday night to drink with them because I was going to a landfill, they said: "But whyyy~~~~~????"

And when I told them I was going there to shoot butterflies with a group of men who were very much into butterflies, they said: "What's wrong with you~?~ Why would you hang out with men who like butterflies?!"

Note on photo: Tigers on dumping grounds are plentiful and much more skittish than at my favourite haunt.

The Weirdest Peoples

I was talking to the hyper guide who brought us to the landfill and told her how my botanist friend deletes all the butterfly photos that a lady from another butterfly interest group sends her on a regular basis.

The hyper guide said: "Well… botanists are strange… I've never met a botanist who isn't a little bit odd."

I think my botanist friend thinks I'm odd too.

Note on photo: Lousy record shot.

Irreconciliable Differences?

How do different groups of people who all have the same objective of preserving Nature and taking care of it hate each other so much?

Shouldn't you love butterflies too if you love birds?  Shouldn't you love birds too if you love butterflies?  Shouldn't you love plants too if you love damnselflies?  Shouldn't you love the marine environment too if you love the land environment?

Why are people always divisive even when they technically love Mother Nature all the same?

Note on photo: Imagine strong winds, floppy grass blowing romantically in the wind and a butterfly sitting against the wind with its wings quivering prettily.  Every photographer's nightmare.

Going Away

I am going back to the sea for a while so dear Voxers, if you don't see me visiting your blogs it's because I don't have access to the internet.  Internet is not waterproof yet 🙂

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  1. fatcat says:

    Stunning pictures, as always! I think the blue banded bee is my favourite, I didn't know those existed! You might (provided that you aren't arachnaphobic!) like these pictures, I stubled across them yesterday The mimicry of spiders 🙂

  2. Those narrow minded people, not able to think beyond their pigeon hole, phew. Best to just ignore what they say. Their loss, if they are content with their one interest and have to look down at other people. It's just ridiculous, childish, stupid.I'm glad, you are such an open minded, versatile person!Try to find ways to fullfill your dreams. Do some research. I am sure, other woman have done, what you are dreaming about. Why not learn from them?

  3. SusanMac says:

    Have fun in the sea. Expecting more great pix. I am in agreement with fatcat that the blue banded bee is the bomb.

  4. Wow… that website totally overcame my disgust over those furry 4 – 6 eyed critters!!!! COOL~~
    The sweet little bee… it just landed and curled itself up motionless on the tip of the leaf… how adorable is that? 😛

  5. I am learning… 50% resolve, 25% adventure, 25% trepidation!

  6. Sounds like a reasonable mix! Actually I am being a bit selfish by pushing you to travel the world:1. I hope for lots of fascinating stories and photos.2. Your route might bring you to Cologne, too.

  7. Germany is on the plans already… last time Tina was here… I missed her because I went diving.. 🙂 I think she's still mad at me. But she was here gushing about her new boyfriend and I was still illusion-phobic. 🙂

  8. I'm so excited that you actually may come here, one day!!!!! It would be great to meet you in person!

  9. Kurtys says:

    Unique idea. I wonder, how much time it took him.

  10. none says:

    hey what happened to ya? Nice shots as always

  11. kifadyloacuy says:

    If to think about this article seriously… many interesting conclusions come to my mind

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