101 Butterflies (In About 6 Months)

Posted: February 14, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

Note on photo: Psyche almost never lands.  When it does, it's like pigs fly out into the sky and the moon turns blue.  I exaggerate.  But I've only encountered a landing twice so what does that say?  Blue moon it is.

101 Butterflies

I officially have 101 butterflies.  Some of which may be grossly misidentified.  But I do know that they are all different… ahem… I hope.  Due to the difficulty in identifying skippers, I have left most of them out of the list except for the most obvious ones.

My 99th butterfly is the Commander, 100th the ugly bornea flat  My 101th butterfly is the Blue Jay which turned up anyway despite my blunder with the puddle potion. 

Note on photo:  I found a nice big community of branded imperials in an obscure hidden location at my second favourite haunt. Woohoo~~

Community Bonding

There are some distinct changes with my second favourite site that I have been going to.  Typically the sequence would go… devadatta, malayan eggfly, baron, rustic/commander(1 sighting)/horsfeld and then suddenly between that location and where all the larger butterflies come out to play, a clearing has suddenly been created by a fallen tree and what looked like burnt/dead/brown grass.

In here, when I ventured in I found a whole community of branded imperials hoppingly flying around.  Miss one and another one comes into view.  How cool is that… 

Note on photo: Blue Jay came out to play despite the wrong puddle potion.  My Valentine's Day present from Mother Nature.

Puddle Potion

I grabbed the wrong pack today and ended up spreading some bean paste onto the puddle site.  The butterflies all ignored that but it caused huge grey coloured ants to turn up and start carrying them beans away.

Weirdest thing though… they didn't bite me at all.  I was lying on the ground for at least 45 minutes on my backpack just waiting for something to turn up.  They detoured around my lens and went away up the walls.

Note on photo:  Newer than the last one I photographed but I still prefer the older photograph and I can't put my finger on why.

Note on photo: So many of them pirates today.  Arrhhh~!

Peace and Quiet

I'm in a really good mood today because Valentine's Day resulted in almost ZERO cyclists on the site today and that allowed me to wander onto normally dangerous cycle paths for hours with nobody cycling through.  Woohoo~ it's wonderful when the whole world goes to Orchard Road and lets me be Queen Of The Nature Trail.

Note on photo:  This might just be a very old butterfly

Curious Lovers

Because I was lying on my belly and at times catching some Zzzs on my backpack in the middle of a cement outfit all by myself, a couple quickly came to check if I was crazy or dead.

Other than that, everything was wonderful.

Note on photo:  My first record of a knee jerk reaction from a damselfly


I've been collating offline a list of critters that are photosensitive besides drawing silly diagrams of butterfly flight patterns.  The only other odonate I know that is photosensitive is the white mouthed dragonfly Jorina (which I kept mixing up names with the Phyllis).

Today I finally got a damselfly that was photosensitive.  Devadatta was found in much darker conditions but wasn't photosensitive.  But this critter was knee-jerking through almost all of my flash shots.

Although there are some educated gusses on reasons for the photosensitivity, I'm quite convinced in my uneducated guess that it must be a general attribute shared by both odonates and 'lepids' that causes this. Hmmm…

Note on photo:  I'm guessing this is the rare teinobasis ruficolis… yay!

The Weird

I came across an unfamiliar spider today that had spun a zig zaggy web and kept popping under and over its web to avoid my lens.

This birdie decided to come close after I'd been still for a while.  There was literally no movement on site today.

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  1. Emjay says:

    101 ! What a fabulous effort! That zig zag web is really cool! LOL at the couple thinking you were dead. It is nice that someone checked though. Sadly we had a guy die on the street recently because people thought he was drunk and just kept walking past.

  2. Thanks Emjay! 🙂
    Yeah… I guess it was nice of them to check…:D Oh… the guy dying on the street has happened here before I think… funny how people check when out in the forest but not when they are on city streets… I think seeing a person lying motionless in a forest is accompanied with the assumption that the person was probably bitten by a snake or fallen from a great height.

  3. Wow! These are really beautiful! I especially like the spider one … ^^ The web under it kind of looks like a broken window…

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