Posted: February 28, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

Note on photo: This butterfly caused everyone to wear out the little stretch of path by flying up and down and up and down.  I took one shot of it and went away because places which scream explore over here, explore over there ruin my concentration.

Back To The Dumping Grounds

I managed to squeeze in last minute to return back to the dumping grounds that I posted about before.  I wouldn't say that I managed to squeeze off more shots there but it's 100% just me when I say that I like to walk down the middle of roads without thinking someone's going to run me over and if I came across someone it's probably someone who came on the boat with me.

Note on photo: I've never seen a skippity which was so clean, inked so well, so neat.  Ain't you a pretty skippy?


Note on photo: I brought my wide angle lens today and got one of the photographers to pose amongst the long grass.  But the sun was lacklustre and the wind wasn't blowing.  So the picture was so dead I didn't even bother to post it here.  I left the rest of the photographers in the fields and went into the forest and found these little fellas flying out from underfoot.

Note on photo:  There was almost nothing.  Nothing at all.  A tiny tawny coster in an environment I would be happy to tie a hammock and just dream, gazing over the water and the swifts darting over the sand instead of hunting.

Note on photo: Funny how this place has everything in one place or nothing at all.  So I wandered around the same patch wearing down the path. 

Note on photo: Yoda of the butterflies found a whole tree ot non-butterflies for a change.  While he perched there yelling for the rest to come, I went down a side of beach and found nothing but a terribly nice spot to just stand and stare.

Note on photo: Everybody was out collecting specimens today.  All the experts in their respective fields. Purposeful people.  With nets and cans and plastic bottles and plastic bags.  I believe that Adam knew every creature, and all their names.  And then thanks to something which was not our fault, we no longer have this knowledge.  And now everybody has to kill something to look at their insides in order to know what they are.

Note on photo: The bee expert was catching stinging bees, hornets and wasps with his bare hands!

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  1. fatcat says:

    Bah, I'm sorry to hear that you feel so out of place! Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions… The pictures are wonderful, as always 🙂

  2. It's ok 🙂 It's just ol' overemo me. 😀 Thanks!

  3. Sound very familiar, those feelings. Sigh. Sometimes I wish there was vaccination against "overemo". I'd queue for that one. :)Hope, you feel a bit better, by now.And: Wonderful pics again!!!!!

  4. I used to do serious research for that 'vaccination' against emo stuff. There is an operation that is too risky for people to try but it involves surgically disabling a part of your brain that overlooks this control of emotions. It was explored I think… for mental patients. That was about 4 years ago. I don't know whether the procedure is now less primitive. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's not something they'd let me go for as a procedure available to the public… hmmmm… then again I don't know what I'd be like if I wasn't overemotional. Maybe I'd become one of them cryptic pragmatic rational people walking about on the streets that I can't connect with 😛

  5. lesart says:

    Your blog articles are great Ellen!

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