All Or A Little Something

Posted: March 1, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

All Or Nothing That I Expected

Finally revisited a place where I first shot the male and female Archduke butterflies and also the place where I saw multitudes of Dark Blue Jungle Glories and Saturns.  I recall strangely, it was in two different places where I had my first chance encounter with these dank dark environ butterflies, flying like ghosts in the damp darkness.

Today there was nothing.  The entrance caved in with dead trees, overhead surprisingly a unique red cheeked black cockatoo was perched together with the echoing calls of birds I do not recognise and probably have not heard in such clarity and volume ever.  In any other place.  But I couldn't locate them amongst the tall tall trees.  But it was nice to hear them all the same.  A surprising find besides finding 'nothing at all'.

I did find a very tattered common faun.  I remember ignoring this fella while concentrating on more attractive beauties while it flew here and there enjoying the lack of attention.  Today I tracked it anyway, having nothing to chase.

Sit Down And Grit My Teeth

I finally ID-ed a butterfly without resorting to asking for help too easily.  Only an accompanying photographer asked to compare ID notes so I gritted my teeth and counted forewing and hindwing spots and used a rough estimation of dimensions and sizes to come up with the closest match that I could muster without having to resort to killing anything. 









Besides birds, I found a few damselflies but the dark conditions ruined almost all my shots due to camera shake and the only one I could salvage was this P. collaris and a furry moth caterpillar below which I remember coming across during my first visit.

A Little Something… That's Not Enough

Everytime I hit a trail, if I walk away without a butterfly that I'd found myself I walk away feeling as if I'd left something done halfway, half baked.   


Note on photo above: This turned out to be the empty husk of a cicada!

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  1. Shutterbug says:

    I like to walk in the rain like this sometimes, too. There is just something so wild and freeing about it. Last year I went to an outdoor concert to see my favorite band, and it started pouring. Everyone was fussing with umbrella's and ponchos for the first part of it.
    My hood kept dripping water in my face, so I took it down. I was completely soaked, but enjoyed the concert so much better! Being immersed (quite literaly) in the elements while I was listening to and seeing an awesome band felt completely right! I even posted the water-logged picture in my April, 2008 blog. I think I titled it The Happy Dork or something like that.
    As for the people that look at you funny as you are happily jumping from puddle to puddle, inside they are probably jealous that they don't have the courage to let loose and have a little fun!

  2. Dotty C. says:

    Very good pics! Are you the one taking them?! Which camera do u have?! Congrats! 😉

  3. xiaobubu006 says:

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