Bandidas (Panditas?)

Posted: March 7, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography
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Note on photo: She sure was tough (assuming it's female now).  She kept turning to face me everytime I took a step forward OR she would fly away.

Here she is getting distracted by some chow.  But still in the direction facing me.

Even when she turned it's not complete the angle I need for a good side shot.  Very uncooperative girl indeed.

The Lady Colour Sergeant

I didn't spot anything today.  But after all that chasing I think I'll settle for being happy with really lousy record shots. 

Note on photo: Here's the high ranking kickass lady sergeant.

Note on photo: In spite of the horrific lighting (thanks to lack of sunlight), this was a chance record shot of the underside just by running my camera machine-gun style on it.

Difficult Indeed

I was talking to a very senior photographer who had mentioned that he had introduced butterfly photography to his young daughter but she eventually decided she preferred other hobbies.

I said it was tough.  Not because of it was physically taxing.  But because there was too much you probably didn't have control over where human factors came into play (personal safety).  Maybe I would have had it much easier if I didn't keep getting hooked on hobbies which had so much to do with needing to be in a particular environment. 

But I knew once I got stung, I probably wouldn't get sick of it so easily.  It would take a very VERY fantastic shopping mall or a very VERY good looking guy to distract me away from diving and butterfly photography.  Even then I would probably go away for a while and then go back 'home' to my first loves.

Note on photo: I thought it was nice to have the underside of the leaf curled up at the same time.  Too bad it didn't manage to cover that small snip of broken wing.

The Return of The Green Baron

I remembered how disappointed I was when I found out that the 'Commander' I identified at my favourite haunt was actually the Green Baron.  Today I learnt how easy I had it back then when the Green Baron had obliged to letting me gently blow in her face to get her to put her wings up.  The Green Baron zipped and zapped and eluded even the senior photographers and I only managed to get this record shot by sniping it through a hole in a bush!

The Thorn Amongst The Roses

A very 'pretty' suuuuppppeeerrr sppppeeeeddd butterfly came zipping on the scene.  I swear… I thought the Green Baron was fast (it was… it covered great distances with that typical long blast like the Commander).  But I can't even trace this guy with my eyes.  Much less walk after it.  I don't even think running would help.  Even though the backlighting made the whole background sad and grey, the sliver of beautiful blue peeking through just made this one for me.  Would love to see topside of this little arrow but the little arrow didn't open its wings today.

The Wrong One

I yelled for everyone to come and then realised that they were tracking a different butterfly which was much smaller.  But even then, the wrong one is pretty.  And the wrong one has got an even prettier topside which I used to trace with back at my favourite haunt.

The 'Egg' Fly (Actually Yamfly)

Everybody was ignoring me when I was yelling EGGFLY EGGFLY because well… eggfly… *shrug*…

And then I kept at it saying eggfly eggfly when I darn well meant to say yamfly yamfly until one of the photographers looked at the photo and corrected me.  My tongue was really disconnected from my brain this morning.

The little yamfly eluded me before.  I'm pretty pleased to finally get a record shot even though I had to squeeze myself into a bush to get next to it.  It's got a flaming red topside which I was hoping to see but it hopped away with that tripping flight pattern typical of butterflies whose tails are too long for their own good

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  1. Emjay says:

    Have you thought about producing a book with your wonderful photos and entertaining dialogue? I love the shot of the little guy with his hands up! (colour sarge)

  2. Shutterbug says:

    Sometime it sucks being a girl, doesn't it? I hate that I often have to not go someplace that I want to go alone, or do something that I really want to do on the off chance that some sicko could cause me physical harm. I'm a very independent person, and sometimes I get really frustrated because I always have be on the lookout for someone that might be out to ruin my perfectly nice day (or evening). You know that you did the smart thing by not going, but that doesn't make it fair. I totally understand your frustration! :o)

  3. There are things about being a woman that just suck beyond words. Always having those risks in the back of my mind and realizing my potential vulnerability, can get me sooo mad and frustrated, too. It's tough to come to terms with those realities and feelings of restriction. Some of those places you go to sound really dangerous. Please, continue to be careful! I second Emjay about the book idea!!!!

  4. Thanks Emjay for thinking that I might be able to pull off something like that! 🙂 I've seen lots of butterfly books. I think publishers would totally censor off my girly nonsense 😀 … OR make me write something I don't really believe in or feel *disillusioned with the commercial world* 😀

  5. Yes you hit the nail on the head! It's unfair! So unfair! Women should be able to go where they please, enjoy the sights, sounds, and experience everything they can without having to worry about what somebody might do to them. But the real world doesn't work that way. I wish it were different. 😦

  6. You can say that again! (About the vulnerability part).
    Thanks for seconding Emjay on the book thing. But I just do this for fun. Can't imagine coming up with a book for this. There are tons more photographers who take this on a very professional level and fill out their photos with really useful information like habitats, etc. I haven't got anything like that. I've just got lots of girly nonsense. 😀 100% fluffy girly nonsense 😛 kekekeke

  7. Usefull information… yawn, that feels like school. I rather enjoy
    reading fluffy girly stuff coming with wonderful photos, like the description
    of the yamfly in flight.:D

  8. SusanMac says:

    I agree with Nikki Anemone. I like your dialogue intermixed with fab photos. You could always self publish on Blurb. If someone wants to buy your book, if not you always have a copy of your work in print.

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