Posted: March 10, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

Note on photo: I think this is my first shot of the festiva (possibly…) on a really hot lack lustre day of nothing.  I left two photographers by the cement outfit and went breaking through lots of vegetation …  to find … ants and spiders.




Note on photo: This very long legged wasp was identified by an expert.  His link with really interesting stuff can be found here:


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  1. What a dream… intense, bewildering, touching, poetic.As far as I know, Shiva is a god known for his benignancy. And as long as he dances, the world will go on.I'm worried about your health. Are you taking good care of yourself? Getting healthy food and enough sleep?

  2. Is it? Hmmm…. well I wrestled Shiva out of my house… I don't know. The memories are nice. I think they stay vivid in some place even when you think you'd forgotten the sound of a person's voice, and how they move, and how they look and then suddenly it all comes back. It's nice. Until the part when you realise that they are gone.

  3. I know that feeling so well! Isn't the waking up and painful realization part worth those precious sweet moments, when you can truly see, smell, feel and hear the loved one in your dream?It's painful to realize, how you can't bring a lively memory to your mind, any time you wish to.I guess Shiva will continue dancing for a while, even if you've been a little rude. 😉

  4. Lauri says:

    You write so well. I can see and feel and hear what you are experiencing. I hope your "running nose" is better this week. I am so sorry about the loss of your mum. So much of life is about loss. It makes me very sad. But, there is so much beauty, too. As in your photographs. Beauty and awe. Love and loss. All parts of the pendulum. Shiva. I believe that Shiva is the Destroyer? Brahma is the Creator. Vishnu the Protector and Shiva the Destroyer. More opposites and balances. The hug from your mum was real.

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