My Lil’ Girlie Getaway

Posted: March 15, 2009 in butterflies, holidays, macro photography
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Note on photo: I took two cameras with me and did a fair bit of weightlifting.  Both my underwater set up and my jungle set up.  I put on my dive mask (much to the amusement of people around me) so that I could take underwater photos without coming up for air so often ( cos I'm using the snorkel…)

Lil' Girlie Getaway

I decided I had it with the big boots, big camera and boring browns and blacks so I ran away to a neighbouring island with one of my friends who was celebrating her birthday.

Having said that, few hours after I turned up on the island, I took out my macro lens and my friend said: "And I thought you were supposed to NOT do that?!"

Yeah it was supposed to be about lazing around the pool, spas, manicures, pedicures, cocktails by the pool and suntanning.  But I was only at the pool for half an hour when a big black butterfly came flitting past


Note on photo:  I took these photos with my Canon C180, alternating between turning to the butterflies on my left and shooting people photos on my right.


Aunties and Their Extraordinary Behaviour

My friends and I observed some very interesting auntie behaviour over the weekend.

One of them is going into the beach fully clothed.

Another was to go into the pool in tankinis and swimsuits with little frilly skirts and swimming ONLY UNDER THE BRIDGE over the swimming pool… cos they were afraid of the sun.















The Semi Naked Photographer

I was serious about my girlie getaway and I didn't bring my big boots, I didn't bring my monopod, I didn't even bring long pants or even a T-shirt (I only brought my diving gear: bikinis, tubes, sarongs).  But I just couldn't NOT bring my camera.

So when the big black butterfly (looked like a Great Mormon) came flitting by the pool, I ditched my friend, ditched the pool and went running after it dripping wet with my big macro lens and totally unequipped for photography.  I scratched my legs trying to crash into brush and had to kneel on bare knees, shins and arms for some shots.

The butterflies were all repeatedly in the same areas over 2 days (yes I went back both mornings cos the first day was just impossible to get through all that brush in my swimming outfit).  The apefly just outside the pool, the autumn leaf at the stream just next to the pool and further out the busy hangout of the eggfly, great mormon and jays and blue bottles was a muddy path leading into the deep of the forest. 

The Great Mormon always stopped at the bridge leading to the outside of the resort.  This was just at the edge of the forest next to the resort where they organise buggy rides through the trails.

















Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the Mormon.  But it flew here and there and got me further and further away from the pool into the forest until I was eventually spotted by security.




















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  1. Lauri says:

    As usual I enjoyed the bug photos!And the peoples at the beach are terrific! Great story, it sounds like fun!As for paunchy rich guys….meh…you are SO right…live your own life!!!

  2. Emjay says:

    I enjoyed your trip! I also wonder why people go away and then do exactly the things they could be doing at home – like watching tv. I really like the selection of photos this post.

  3. Haha! I like how you say that… 'meh!'… hahahahaha
    When it comes to rich men, it's not just silly to think you're made for life, it's risky to really fall in love with them too because they have too much else to treasure and they'll never take your seriously enough. 🙂

  4. Exactly! 😀 There's so much to do out there! 😛 Just gotta go out there and do it! 🙂

  5. You should have seen him… he was gorgeous! 😀

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