Frightened Little Judy

Posted: March 21, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography
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The Frightened Little Judy

I went to my second favourite haunt today expecting the least.  Because it rained heavily in the morning and the rest of the photographers were ready to head back to bed.  I left them behind in the concrete outfit *again* and was surprised by a malay tailed Judy which disappeared after turning around a few times on a few different leaves while I was creeping up on it.  

I waited at the spot for some time hoping it might come back and another Judy came hopping into view.  Judy turned around and around, hopping further up and up a tree and then stopping there for a long time while I waited.  And then (as I had hoped), it came hopping back down along the leaves, turning as she went as if she was too frightened to keep still.

All of the shots were taken with the flash off using what little little available light there was in the shade of the forest.  So every single shot is noisy and dark.

This little Judy must be the one of the prettiest butterflies I've ever seen, all the way from its deep intense red and lacey edges and eye spots to its huge emerald green eyes. If Judy were a girl, she'd have flaming red hair and captivating green eyes, a sight to behold.

Note on photo:  You can see exactly how dark the environment was from the noise in this photo.

Cute Little Drop of Sunshine

Other than that, nothing really caught my attention with the exception of a lady bug that I'd accidentally carried out with me from the forest on my sleeve.  I settled it on the concrete outfit where it'd decided to make its way to some dead grass and start cleaning itself… or is it eating something??.




























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  1. What this man has done to his family goes way beyond imagination. From what leaks out, the daughter and her children are doing outstandingly well in building a healthy and normal life, together, under a new identity. I am deeply moved and impressed by their strength and healing power.Elisabeth, the daughter, has been present incognito during the trial. Tapes with eleven hours of her testimony brought Fritzl to plead guilty in all charges. What a strong woman!I hope, police finds out soon, whether the man is responsible for those other crimes.

  2. cat says:

    All these little butterflys are lovely – perfect little gorgeous creatures.

  3. I was thinking… 11 hours of testimony. It takes so much from a rape victim to describe their experience and she has to describe 24 years worth of her ordeal. I'm amazed at her strength.

  4. SusanMac says:

    That red butterfly is really gorgeous. Yes I too had a great childhood. Supportive parents, friends. Imagination and curiosity were encouraged. Sounds like you had that same kind of support.

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