Consolation Prizes

Posted: March 28, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

The Rule of Scarcity

Talk about being desperate.  The whole part of the group of us that remained intact during the whole shooting spree this morning spent so much time shooting this common yellow, the yellow probably blushed.  And then blushed a little more.  And then decided that it liked the attention so much it stayed for the longest time, allowing everyone the chance to get in everyone's background (I just realised the background of the yellow is blue…) while photographers shot it from both sides.
















The Tattered Obliging

While the photographers concentrated on the blushing yellow, I climbed up and down dead logs and buried my right leg in a network of dead branches and twigs which collapsed while I was attempting to photograph what looked like the living remnants of half of a Blue Helen.  In spite of the Helen being nice enough to return time and again, she was out of reach (like far and away high up in a tree).  She was also tattered (she literally had no hind wing).  And I was extremely ungrateful.  Considering that I have never seen a Blue Helen landing.

Almost everything was tattered.  Right from the start of the trail… all the way to the end and it makes me wonder whether it's got anything to do with the frequent violent heavy rains followed by violent blazing sunshine, like the mood swings of hypermanic people.

An Archduke behaving like a Purple Duke

I have never ever seen an archduke hang upside down under a leaf before.  I've only ever seen purple dukes hang upside down under leaves.  So when I saw this female hanging upside down, I was excitedly considering the possibility of it looking like an archduke but not really an archduke.  This fantasy was quickly squashed by a photographer who said: "Maybe she's laying eggs."


















The Alien From KL

One of the photographers who came in a set of twins made a new friend in a quiet boy who said he was from "KL". 

After we all learned that he sleeps only 3 hours a day, didn't eat anything all throughout the trail and continued to shoot spiders and whatnots past 5p.m. after we'd been out shooting the whole day since 9.30a.m., I concluded that he was probably from KL but KL is probably an acronym for something out of this planet like Krono Limbo where there is no such thing as time and planetary citizens never need to eat, sleep or rest.

In response to this, he laughed and explained that he was used to all this because he used to climb hills and all and if he had ever gotten tired so easily, he would never have been able to indulge in this kind of hobby back in his homeland.














A tiny male spider mating with a HUMUNGOUS female below and also the only spider I'd EVER EVER EVVVER in this lifetime agree that it was kinda cute (Santa Claus Spider – nicked by me because of its beard).





















At least 3 tree nymphs were spotted today, flying like tissue paper in the air, one even coming so close to the Alien from KL and me on the trail. 

I realised these guys don't land… well… not where you can photograph them anyway.

















Note on photo: Surprising facts…. if you don't have more than 2 eyes, you are not a spider.  you are  probably a crab… like the spindly legged insect above.

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