Caterpillar Action

Posted: April 1, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography
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Note on photo: The Small Twin found a caterpillar and I almost didn't believe him becos he couldn't seem to find it.  He said they disappeared fast and I said NO WAY.  And then yup, they do.  Here goes the fastest caterpillar I've ever seen.  Look at those legs rearing to go. Choo chooo… chugga chugga chugga… the fastest train of a caterpillar you'd ever seen.

Note on photo: I dropped this poor fella TWICE while trying to get it back on the slippery spider lily leaf.  Here it is, baring its muzzle at me, 'yelling': "WE CATERPILLARS WILL FIND YOU!!! YOU WATCH OUT YOU!!!"












Note on Unidentified caterpillar: In order to photograph its hairy face, I turned the caterpillar in a different direction using a leaf and set it off in the direction of the edge of the leaf so that it would be crawling towards my lens.

When it reached the edge of the leaf, with the whole 'front cabin' plus a few segments after it choo-chooing off the edge of the leaf, I REALISED that it didn't know where the heck it was going.

And then when it dangled there and froze there helpless after the front cabins curled and curled and failed to gain foothold off the underside of the leaf because it was too far off the edge of the leaf, I realised caterpillars can't go into reverse gear and reverse itself back onto the leaf (at least for this one).

I lifted the 'front cabins' of the caterpillar back onto the leaf and watched it choo choo with maximum caterpillar speed back into the dark folds of the spider lily leaves. 

Note on photo: Small Twin tripped up the steps and this pair came flying out from the left.  We played a few minutes of freeze- freeze- don't- move- anything-except- your- eyeballs before Small Twin moved anyway and said something along the lines of: relax these guys don't notice a thing when they're farkin'.  

















Note on photo:  The butterfly I saw which I thought on a first glance as a wierd butterfly with brown and white stripes and brown top that I could not identify when I first started shooting butterflies turned out to be a female silverstreak.  Mystery solved.

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  1. fatcat says:

    Awesome pictures, i love the caterpillars!Sorry to hear that there's so much negativeness going on at work…hope it reaches a peaceful solution.

  2. cat says:

    My Dad always said, when he has the time to talk to me, that if you hate a person, it's because you see something about yourself that you hate inside that person.
    This is exactly what I say to people – dear dear, us old people spouting words of wisdom. Not that I've ever hated anyone, but I keep it in mind when I come across someone who really bothers me for some reason. It's scary really to face up to it.

  3. Shutterbug says:

    Ugh…wouldn't it be nice if you could just go to work and do your job, without all of the extra crap that comes with it? I'm lucky enough to work with my two best friends, and we have a strict "No Drama" policy (both at work and in our everyday lives). We are very good at leaving personal things outside of the job.
    Sometimes I feel like it's a minefield, though, dodging everyone else's personal agendas and various feuds. It sucks that you have to work within this type of a situation…it sounds very complicated, uncomfortable, annoying, and exhausting. Good luck! :o)

  4. tom says:

    Just gorgeous, both words and pictures.

  5. Ooooh.. .talk about peaceful solution… things are turning uglier and uglier every day…

  6. Yep.. and I find myself becoming more and more involved and commited to spending energy hating a person instead of becoming more and more detached. It's weird that way. Hate is pretty strong and to devote something that intense in the negative fashion is both warped and also very tiring. I think what I really need is cool detachment.

  7. Thanks … I hope it doesn't last for too long. It's difficult for people to draw the line when it comes to work and relationships. And then people around them are forced to take sides…even at work. Which is really weird.

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