Not See

Posted: April 26, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

Note on photo: Dogs pass through this particular trail that I had gone to so often but they hardly reappear so I don't know where they go to.  But this particular adorable greedy one decided that his green sausage toy was not enough and HAD to retrieve a large branch as well.  It heaved both across the trails heavily but wagged its tail as if that was also part of the enjoyment.

Note on photo: This mysterious unidentified yella fella had me screaming: "Yellow Flash!" then when I went home: "Suffused Flash?" then when I read on… :"Nooo… I really don't know…" 

Note on photo: For the life of me… I can never tell one big skippity from another big skippity even if they are extremely common (at least 3 I saw today).

Note on photo: Alien from KL walked right into this and this was a chance shot before it disappeared up a tree, came back down (after waiting for ages), got frightened back up again and then never more came down to play again. 😦

Note on photo: Painted jezebels are strange… they are so docile and ready to settle in the shadows and then never never ever ever settle in the bright daylight.

Not See

One can completely see.  And yet be blind at the same time.  So I stomped around thinking "why no green oak blue? why won't the green oak blue just sit? why why why?" while not realising how fortunately I was to encounter the butterflies I had encountered and photographed all weekend.

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  1. fatcat says:

    You should make a book or something with your pictures, they are so beautiful!

  2. I seldom get the time to relax and spend a few moments on Vox anymore, but EVERY time I do, I am enchanted by your photographs. Thanks so much.

    I hope things begin to sort themselves out for you. If I remember correctly, you were going through a heck of a time a few months ago. Without resorting to appeals to fate, karma, god, or anything similar, because I just don't believe in it… things have a way of working out. Mainly because there's no alternative. 🙂

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