The Butterfly Effect Weekend

Posted: May 2, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography
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The Chain Of Cause and Effect Started with … The Humble Thorn

Last weekend while I was out shooting with the Alien from KL, I saw a large skipper on a leaf behind a whole load of plant. Now… I know I can't identify a skipper even if it came flying out from somewhere with a nicely labelled tag hanging from its squirrel like forehead.

But who can ignore a skipper the size of half of my index finger?  So I trudged and I lumbered and … YEOWCH! Got stabbed in three areas by a very large thorny plant with 3 inch spikes. 

The Huge Skipper Gets Away…

The Gigantor Skippity (later identified as the not so gigantic banded demon… I think… and am probably wrong) got away.  While Alien from KL stood there trying to figure out how to open a packet of chilli to go with his breakfast in the middle of nowhere, I pulled up my pant leg and saw 3 streams of blood heading down to my sock.

Not wanting to be the sissy girl who must scream at everything, I said nothing… 

The Nagging Pain Starts…

On Sunday, I went back to the site and it started to rain shortly after I had spent more than an hour getting to the site, I walked around with a limp which got worse and worse and worse and then got the worst from having to get away from the rain fast enough.

I silently panicked… thinking that maybe my leg injuries have finally caught up to me.  And I'm only 29 (ok going on 30)!

I told my dive instructor this when I wheeled my faulty dive equipment to her shop limping all the way across roads and bus stops and bus stops cos I had lost my way to her new place and she said: "It's all in the mind girl.  Ir's all in the mind."  

It's Not In The Mind.  It's Real… Really PAINFUL

Since it was all in the mind, I went to work on Monday and by 7p.m. that day I was ready to borrow a wheelchair from the clinic at my office because every step I took was like getting punched in the spine.

By evening, I was all thermometered and doing contortionist stunts in the hospital Emergency room who had no choice but to leave me to my performance because lots of people were fated to arrive in ambulances that evening.  And seeing the state that they were in (bleeding arms, unconscious, etc), I wasn't inclined to insist on painkillers… like… NOW NOW NOW! 

And it was Tetanus… 

My Dad asked me (he waited with me all night): "What can they do for you really?  I can hardly tell what's causing the pain."

I said (midway through trying to sit on my head with my legs in the air): "Ya… I have no idea what's my problem either.  I wish they'd give me a bed if I have to wait so long.  Do you think I was bitten by a snake?"

Dad: "No… you wouldn't last that long if you were."

I said (incoherently to the doctor at about 1a.m. in the morning): "Do you think I was bitten by a snake that was under the plant that I thought had pricked me but was actually a snake because it might have been really fast and I didn't see it?"

Doctor: "No… considering the size of the puncture wounds on your leg… it would have to be a snake about this big [puts his hands chest width apart]… and I'm sure you'd have seen it." 

Me: "Oh." and promptly fell asleep soon after the injection took effect.

Which led to No Holiday Plans…

Thanks to the bacteria that I had gotten from the soil that was on the spikes that was on the plant that was on the trail that Gigantor Skippity was on…

I lost $350 on a prepaid trip because ….

Me (midway through packing for the trip): "Erm… I got something to tell you.  Don't get angry."

Dad: "What?… And whose stuff is that all over the living room floor?"

Me: "Erm… I'm supposed to go on this trip you see… soo…"

Dad: "No!!!"

Which Led to Snatch Thief

Because I was not going along for the trip, I stood in the taxi/bus bay waving goodbye to my disappointed friend whom I was supposed to accompany… 

After my disappointed friend left on the tour bus, I waited in the taxi bay for another friend to come pick me up and send me home.  I put my pouch on my huge bags (equipment) on the ground and then when I turned my head to wave at my friend who had pulled into the bay…

Someone came from behind, grabbed the pouch and fled.

Which Resulted In…

My pouch included:

1) My mobile phone

2) My keys

3) My train card

As a result of losing all that…

1) Unexpected technology update: I spent good money on a new mobile phone which is so updated and snazzy I'm not surprised if it can microwave food and blow dry my hair

2) Unexpected security update: I spent good money changing all the locks in my house

3) Unexpected service update: I spent good money replacing my train card which now has multiple uses which I probably have no use of.

Always A Reason

My Dad says that there is always a reason for everything.  I wonder if I could see it even if it was staring me in the face like a name tag hanging from a skipper butterfly's furry forehead.

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  1. fatcat says:

    Oh no! Poor you! Hope you feel better soon-and I hope the bastard that stole your stuff get what's due…!

  2. Raymond says:

    All I can think of is that those who have suffered for thier art, are the ones most blessed to recieve the richest rewards. It will come. Maybe even sooner than you could recover you stolen pouch. One day it will all be worth it… 🙂

  3. Shutterbug says:

    Yikes! It sounds like you've had a terrible time of things lately. So sorry to hear about your bad luck 😦 I believe that life is all about balance, though, so for every crappy thing you have had to experience lately, something equally wonderful and amazing should be heading your way really soon. It's the very least the universe can do for you, right? Hope things look up soon! :o)

  4. I think he/she did… in a way… they were probably expecting cash… visa card… or something… but all they got was a worthless 5 year old mobile phone with no trade in value, an old dirty cloth pouch, my house keys (which are now useless cos I changed the locks) and my train card (which didn't have much value on it)…
    😀 But it really cost me good money to replace those things… anyway…

  5. Thanks Raymond… 🙂 Just pursuing the art itself is already a reward in itself sometimes. 😛 But yeah… still wondering why the chain of events…. 🙂

  6. I was actually thinking that when the doctor diagnosed me as having tetanus and ruined my holiday plans. But then my pouch got stolen… so I dunno whether this chain of events has completely stopped now … or will there be more events headed this way as a result of what has already happened?…

  7. Shutterbug says:

    Nope-enough horrible things have happened. The universe had better be done throwing yucky stuff your way! Now it's time for you to win a contest, or capture a picture of a beauty that you have been searching for! It's the least it can do!

  8. Actually… no it doesn't seem to be done actually… I'm down with a terrible hip injury that has left me limping. I went to see a doctor and he's not giving a very favourable prognosis plus the pain seems to be intensifying… and I was not able to get myself out of my house to do any shooting today…

  9. Shutterbug says:

    Nooooooooooooooooo! This is really too much. I am crossing my fingers AND my toes for an upswing to come your way soon….you deserve it! :o)

  10. I went for my follow up review today again. My leg is going to be needing a bit of work on it… I don't know how long it'll take. Ah… I guess all I need now is to grow a pair of eagle wings so that I can give me poor legs a rest and soar around in the skies… *dreams*

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