Day Of The Great Flowering Tree (and cooperative butterflies)

Posted: May 3, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

Note on photos below and above:  Super cooperative autumn leaf today.  Stayed put in spite of people walking past to and fro and even allowed me to get a topside shot.

Going Solo

It rained today and while everybody else ran off to the butterfly trail that was located in the place that I think I am visiting too many times in my lifetime (the hospital), I detoured to another location and found myself a huge flowering tree with butterflies hanging off the flowers like multi-coloured tree decorations.

Great Big Flowering Tree

I heard of flowering trees before.  And I've seen some flowering trees.  But they were all not as impressive as this flowering tree.  I don't think I've ever seen this many butterflies on a tree before.  The tree was alive with movement.  Territorial butterflies chasing each other around and far too many autumn leaf butterflies (but happy tho!) for a tree in a tropical season-less country.

Note on photo above and below: Joy!  I've never seen a common mime in the wild before.  I'd seen one in the butterfly farm but it looked out of place.  Although I couldn't get a standard cookie cutter shot, I was happy to watch it float around fickle-mindedly around the flowers. 

Note on photo above: This little fella dropped in while I was looking for cooperative Painted Jezebels.  And was super cooperative as I fumbled, stumbled, adjusted myself and my monopod amongst the bushes.

Note on photo above: I'd never seen a great egg this cooperative.  It stood there while I was closest as I could possibly be from it instead of flying away and coming back and flying away territorially from past experience.

Note on photo above and below: I normally can never get a parallel shot of this butterfly.  But today it was feeding on what looked like a broken bird egg shell stuck in the bush and after that it was very cooperative and quite docile (probably having a butterfly's version of 'eater's death') *burrrrp*. (Photo below is blown tho…sigh)

Note on photo above and below: Next to the great big flowering tree was a hedge that was bustling with butterfly activity.  I tried to get a photo of a pretty silverstreak but it got away.  But at least this old female silverstreak was nice enough to give me an underside and topside shot for the taking.  

Note on photo above: Just about every creature was super cooperative today.  Even the skinks were stopping to pose.  Surprisingly so in a crowded place where I'd gone to today.  They must be really used to human presence. 

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  1. lesart says:

    Another great photo shoot Ellen, your ability to capture butterflies is amazing!

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