Day Of The Knight and Identity Crisis Of Flying Great Eggs

Posted: May 10, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography
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The Knight With Fancy Wings

The knight whenever encountered in quiet shady forests or sunlit forest edges would always fly far and away from me.  Instead, on this post rainy day, the knight stood on the bush in a stream of heavy human traffic with a disconnected look on his palpy face as if to say: "Well, you never can tell… ".

The Identity Crisis of Flying Great Eggs

Technically, this isn't an identity crisis suffered by either the Hypolimnas Bolina Bolina or the Hypolimnas Bolina Jacintha.  They both know what they are.  But I have very little idea how to tell them apart.  To make things worse, I only realised my confusion when I encountered two different types of butterflies over two weekends.  The one above was smaller, darker, and the one the weekend before was larger, lighter.

Note on photo above and below: Topside of the smaller, darker egg

The Hindwing trimming (photos above)

When I looked at colour plates it looks like there isn't a white trimming on the topside hindwing of the Great Egg but there is on the Jacintha. 

Note on photo above: Smaller, darker, narrower submarginal band

Note on photo: Larger, lighter coloured, broader submarginal band.

Identity Identity

I wish butterflies came with tags hanging from their foreheads.

Movable Palpi

Eeekkks… butterflies have detachable faces!!!

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  1. Emjay says:

    I think you do a wonderful job identifying butterflies and bugs. Some of them are certainly very similar.

  2. Thanks Emjay… I'm getting a headache from squinting through my magnifying glass though… I wish entomologists and book publishers would think of larger colour plates! 😀

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