A Pig Amongst Tigers..*sqweee…*

Posted: July 18, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography
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Peace On The Hill

I discovered that parks management had sealed off the entire road which allowed public passing by the hill.  This resulted in me standing on the hill all by myself.

Note on photo above: This lil birdie ain't afraid of nobarrdieee… I was surprised when a tailorbird landed right in front of my C180 and didn't move much after I fired my flash and camera away at it like a machine gun (this is an automatic compulsive reaction I have to cute birds).

Dead And Dried Up

Unfortunately for me, a lot of the flowering plants were dried up and dead.  And the pea-poddy plants by the road where the Black Veined Tiger and Common Tigers loved to hang out, socialise and iresponsibly (keke) leave their young oomph-oomphing away on the leaves were nearly flowerless, save for a wilting few… and no tiger cubs (caterpillars) as far as my eye could see (short of flipping over every leaf).

They had also removed quite a few bushes and replaced them with a panel of white flowering tall trees which was hynoptically fragrant… nice… except none of the butterflies seem to hang around them much. 😦

Note on photo above: If you look carefully at the topmost flower, you will realise that a butterfly predator, the crab spider, is pretending to be all pretty and non-dangerous.  Poor dwarf crow… I hope it wasn't taken!  If Alien from KL were here, he'd chase away the butterfly and take a photo of the crab spider… (I guess… knowing his love of spiders over butterflies).

Running Away From The Rain

I got into the taxi this morning, and instead of telling the driver where to go, I asked him whether it had rained. 

Taxi driver (all weatherman-like): "It hasn't rained yet… but it will"

So I got him to go in the opposite direction from the rain.

And then when I got to the hill, it rained… for about 5 minutes… and it then it went away.

Looks like I'll be deciding where to go on the fly now.  July is usually a hot month in Singapore.  And it seems so from all the dried up vegetation around… but it always seems to threaten to rain whenever I want to go out.

Note on photo above: I spent lots of time around this crow… waiting for it to feed so that it would start opening those beautiful blue-at-a-certain-angle-when-the-light-hits wings (phew).  I don't know why it only starts opening and closing its wings only when its proboscis is in the flower and it starts feeding.  It's almost like the wings are pneumatic pumps, pumping the nectar into the butterfly. *glugga glugga glugga*

Note on photo above:  The crow was somewhat irritated by my presence and decided to play a little game of decoy with me.  It flew high up and away…. over the tall trees.  I waited… and soon enough it reappeared and starting feeding again.  Then when I started snapping away at it, it flew high up and away… over some bushes… circling around… landed on another bush and waited.  And we played a little game of who would give up first.  I waited and waited.  And soon enough it got tired of pretending, launched off the nearby bush and started coming back to feed again.

Note on photo above: Argh… tigers are too skittish for my liking.

Note on photo above: While I was out chasing tigers, a piggie appeared from nowhere and together with Mynah its good buddy, they stood there staring nervously at me in case I dared to run up and take a photo.

A Pig Amongst Tigers

While I was busy chasing the skittish tigers around (Plain Tiger, Common Tiger, etc etc), I heard rustling in the bushes.  And what emerged was a small pig pig… minding its own business, shoving its nose in the dirt, digging for stuff to eat.

This is the first time I've ever seen a wild piggie on the hill.  I raised my camera took a few shots of it, before it squealed ("SQWEEE!!!!") and ran away.  And I was like at least 10 metres away from it.  Skittish piggie.

Note on photo above: Tigers tigers everywhere… but only a few that's cooperative enough to shoot.

Lemony Masses

Besides the crowd of tigers, there were also so many lemon emigrants, I was amazed to see scores of them chasing each other around the entire hill.

Note on photo above:  Either I'm seeing things or I was quite sure I was a very white coloured tiger hanging around… or maybe it was again a Common Mime.



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  1. Waterbaby says:

    Yow and run, run like the wind from Random Guy! Good on ya for keeping your contact info from him, btw; smart move. I'd do whatever I had to do to dissociate and put distance from this, um, what's the polite word, character. Stay watchful and don't let down your guard. As for the nicer elements of your posting – lol – I really do feel like I'm on a mini-vacation when I visit! … like entering a different world, it's great!

  2. Jaffnut says:

    Hopefully the random guy will become a distant memory soon. Love your photos as usual, especially the ones of the little bird. The wild pig was very cute too.

  3. I never thought that just deciding to date someone would result in such stressful circumstances… sigh… now I have to watch my back constantly… I hope he turns his psychotic attention to… erm… floral arrangement…knitting… or something… 😛

  4. Thanks Michie! 🙂 Yup.. I hope Random Guy suddenly gets amnesia and forgets he ever met me 😛

  5. Waterbaby says:

    my hunch is he will, long as you remain alert and detached.

  6. Lauri says:

    I love the tigers and the piggy is so cute! Random Guy….not so much!

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