Taming The Horsfield’s Baron

Posted: July 19, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography
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Taming the Horsfield's Baron

At long last… after months and months of sideways, face shots and 3/4 wing shots, the Horsfield's Baron, in a rare giving attitude, allowed me to come up to it and take a photo.

At first, it flew away and did its typical land-turn to look at me-fly away routine.  Then, in a final attempt, I strided up to it quickly instead of creeping up to it and machine-gunned it with my flash from 2 metres away until I was standing right behind it.

To my surprise it worked.  It startled a bit when the flash started firing and then as if hynoptised (or rather, stunned from the light), it stayed motionless in the same spot while I went closer and closer and closer.

Then as if it no longer saw me, it stayed there for ages while I pressed the trigger again and again and again and again and again and again like a mad paparazzo who had just found the perfect scoop shot.

Its brillliant wings shivered ever so slightly.  Then suddenly, as if waking up from a dream, it burst away in flight while I watched with a happy smile on my face and a deep happy sigh in my heart.

Note on photo above: Finally, another chance with the 5 bar on a leaf.  Although the background is less than desired… still… a 5 bar on a leaf instead of on the ground.  This was when dark rain clouds gathered and I was packing up to leave. 

Note on photo above: After some unsuccessful attempts on other visits to photograph this constantly moving rare dragonfly, it finally stopped for me and allowed me to get close.  While it decided to be nice, an elderly couple suddenly turned up at the bottom of the hill on which I was standing to watch me get face-smacked by tangly plants.  This was possibly entertaining…cos the husband in particular stood there to watch for a bit while his wife stood some distance back and kept asking him to move on.


Note on photo above:  Other than the lemony masses, there were numerous scores of these little brown round butterflies in a dark shady area of the site.  They fluttered all around chasing each other, one of which was particularly dark coloured (which I didn't manage to photograph).  I guess I'll make do with one of them lighter brown ones.

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  1. Waterbaby says:

    (relationship in a nutshell) – lol, that 'bout sums it up! i detest that new breed of parents; i won't even go there, it's too early in the day to give myself an ulcer and cardiac arrest simultaneously. (p.s. i myself could never be friends with them.) does light have the effect of mesmerizing or hypnotizing 'flies?

  2. Jaffnut says:

    I'll have to remember the flashgun approach!! Relationships, what are they? ;-). I've been happily single for many years now. It's not that I'm adverse to settling down with someone, it's just that I haven't met anyone I'm interested in partnering up with, let alone settling down with!

  3. Ahh shucks.. I feel that parents here don't seem to have much choice against the system..but then you know… if they'd all not listen and refuse to go with the system, what can the system do?
    Sometimes the flash does seem to mesmerise some bugs… especially certain butterflies… while scaring away others… it's odd. 😛 And inexplicable!

  4. Same here… I don't see any point with settling for the sake of being like other people. I won't say most people … cos most of my friends are happily enjoying their freedom anyway 😛

  5. Waterbaby says:

    Not much choice against the system? I can't agree. There's plenty of room and choice to buck the system. To give it the big heave-ho. To elect to say "that sucks and I ain't gonna play and I'm gonna do what I know *is right for my child.*" Because whether those parents recognize it or not, they're being incredibly selfish and self-serving, stunting their child's growth and perpetuating the very system about which some complain. It's darn easy to opt out. This is a point of passion for me so I'll shush now before this comment becomes a dissertation!Anyhow, interesting about the flash. {quick change of subject to quiet the blood that was starting to roil – lol}

  6. Emjay says:

    Love the 5 bar swordtail! Such glorious colours. I think I have the best thing for a relationship – space! My husband travels so much that I get to do all the things I want with my friends when he is gone and then when he's home I do the husband-wife things. It seems to be just the right balance for me – he is never home enough for me to get sick of him. Actually I think the longest we have had together in one length is 8 weeks!

  7. these butterflies are so beautiful but right now i am seeking for dissertation help

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