One More For The Long Road

Posted: August 25, 2009 in butterflies, holidays, macro photography

Semi-retired Olympus SP-700

I am really squeezing the last bits of my SP-700 in the water when I brought it with me over the last weekend.  Although it blacked out now and then, it managed to achieve a record of a rare Gorgonian shrimp (below):

It will be a long way before the G10 becomes waterproof and functional, since the casing and strobes themselves cost more than the camera…. EACH.





The waters were surprisingly clear this weekend, with sites like Pinang having a good visibility of at least 10metres plus.  I could even pull off a few scenery shots (see small photo tiles below).  But the cuttlefish shot was beyond repair even though the flash was forced.  We were close to 30m and without strobes it was difficult to capture it in its natural colours.

Hedges and Complicated Finance Peeps

I attended an excruciatingly long, painfully dry Finance course, a part of which they talked about how you should carry out hedge accounting in the most complicated manner that a person whose life centres around a T-journal can muster.

Hedges are really very simple.  They are either a short hedge, a very tall hedge or they are untidy hedges where the gardener forgot to give them a good sharp trim. 

And hedges are extremely easy to account for because they won't run away.  Hedge at the neighbour's yard, hedge around my building compound where a dog just peed on and hedges around the parks.  There. All accounted for.

But Finance people like life complicated and difficult.






Financial Instruments and Complicated Finance People

Finance people are also extremely worried about financial instruments.  When talking about financial instruments, they are quick to start off with a statement that sounds something like this: "there are many many different kinds of financial instruments and they all have a purpose so complicated that you wouldn't understand them even if you were the one who created them".

Again, financial instruments are very simple.  There are probably only 2 financial instruments that are useful:

1) Your purse/wallet: a financial instrument used to hold cash

2) Your calculator: a financial instrument used to count cash

Note on photo: This batfish followed along one of the advanced course divers for a long time during his safety stop just hanging around beside him like a buddy.  And then it pooped.  >_< Bleah…

Note on photo: A rare shot of the very very shy 6 banded angelfish.

Note on photo above: The batfish being all friendly with the divers.

Rescue… me!

My friend did his rescue certification over the last weekend.  I lost count of the number of divers he had to lift from the water and pacify and problem solve during that weekend. 









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  1. Waterbaby says:

    some of these pic remind how beautifully colorful Mother Nature is!

  2. Yeah… she truly is colourful… there are sometimes more than 5 or 6 colours on any one of these common coral fishies… 🙂

  3. Lauri says:

    …and everyone poops! ;)When Mr. Batfish has to go, he has to go!

  4. digitalCG says:

    Some really lovely images here, makes me want to go for scuba lessons!

  5. Haha… yeah Mr Batfish sure did show us that… 😛 after that he swam away… without cleaning up… ahahahaha 😀 funny little thing!

  6. Oooh… if you love photography… underwater photography is one area where you can get sucked right into the abyss of addiction! Go learn! 🙂 Be a diver! 😀

  7. Lauri says:

    It cracks me up. When we go snorkeling in the Caribbean, it's always pointed out that just about all the Caribbean beaches are made up of Parrotfish poop! They eat the coral and excrete the sand! Amazing!

  8. zhy says:

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