Technical Difficulties

Posted: August 30, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

Canon G10 and EOS 40D Firmware Problems

I am facing immense difficulty understanding why my EOS 40D digital photo professional wouldn't read my G10's RAW images (.CR2).

And when I surf the internet for people with similar problems, I get hit with so much jargon I get a headache but I get the drift that it's a 'technical difficulty'. 

Now I either overwrite the original firmware for EOS 40D and run the risk of not reading 40D RAW files or I do what I'm doing now: running between my Dad's computer and my own so that I can see do a test on his computer first.

In the worst case scenario, I'll have to edit 40D's raw images on one computer and G10's on another.

The epitomy of technical stupidity. -_-

(Afternote: Oh.. the programme works on both 40D's raw images as well as G10's.)

Weather Forecast Technical Difficulties

Apparently my computer is not the only thingamajig-jig having technical difficulties…

4 of us were standing in the rain this morning in the middle of nowhere while the weather forecast said: "partly cloudy".

Now I know you can't predict the weather.  But this even falls short of an estimate forecast of the weather.

But I guess an estimate forecast of the weather has a error percentage of 0-100%, all or nothing.

No, ok, I know you can't predict the weather.

But sigh…. I could have been in bed nursing my gigantic headache of a flu.

Being Sick With "Technical Difficulties"

Now everybody who owes me an explanation likes to say "due to technical difficulties…":

1) "The train will be delayed"

2) "Your food will be delayed"

3) "You will not be able to access your account"

4) "This service will be delayed"

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused…"

But technical difficulties are hardly the real reason behind any of these.

REAL Technical Difficulties

A photographer got lost in the massive tangle of train stations while trying to meet.  And this was because…

1) Technically, there were 2 train control stations

2) Technically, I didn't know there were 2 train control stations, I only knew Train Control Point A

3) Technically, he didn't know there were 2 control stations either. He only knew Train Control Point B

4) Technical difficulty: his phone didn't alert him when I sent him an sms to meet at the control station which I knew of that he didn't.

Technically, he ended up waiting at the other control station which I didn't know existed while I waited at the other control station that he didn't know existed. 

And then… when I called and said that Yoda of the Butterflies was waiting at the taxi stand, he went up to the taxi stand and still we couldn't find him because:

1) Technically, there were about 4 taxi stands around the train station

2) Technically, he thought he was at the taxi stand where we were at while I thought I was at the taxi stand where he was at

After Yoda of the Butterflies took a nice drive around the block when I collapsed in the backseat and whined like a spoilt brat: "I don't wanna go down to the control station anymore!!!", we finally found our lost photographer and then we realised:

1) He didn't read the sms I sent in the morning to meet at the control station that he didn't know of because he put his phone on silent.

2) We figured it made no difference if he did read the sms because he would be waiting at the control station that I didn't know of

3) Our train system is just way too complicated

Now that's what I call a real technical difficulty!

Enjoy my little series of photos which I took with my G10:




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  1. Trailblazer says:

    It seems you have regained your sense of humor . . . why we laugh at the plight of others is beyond me, but grin I did. Now I must have breakfast after drooling over your cheesecake photo.

  2. Lauri says:

    I SO enjoy your thoughts on life…on technology…on everything, while interspersed with excellent photographs!!! Aren't the spots on the body of that plain tiger beautiful? And the blue pansy! Spectacular!!!I had the flu with the sore throat/headache thing two weeks ago. I am half a world away from you and we both had it. I am still trying to recover some energy! Get well soon!

  3. Waterbaby says:

    the blue pansy is my favorite of this bunch; reckon I may hafta snag yet another of your pics for the desktop 😉

  4. Heh… 😛 Oh… about that cheesecake… I discovered it after a friend recommended me to this japanese restaurant (shokudo). It's the lightest cheesecake I have ever tasted! So good!

  5. I think this bout of flu is lasting me longer than expected. It dragged all the way from diving 3 weeks ago till now. Ack ack… I hope you recover fully soon 🙂

  6. I'm always very honoured when you do so 🙂

  7. Lauri says:

    Ack is right! It's a hanger-oner for sure! Bleh!!!

  8. zhy says:

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