9th Day of the 9th Month of the Year 2009

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Note on photo above: I'm semi-retired mentally and emotionally.  So quiet afternoons eating briyani with good friends and watching the shopkeeper's dog doze off is quickly becoming one of those moments I really relish.

So many people are raving about today being the 9th day of the 9th month of the Year 2009.  How did I spend this special day hmm?   

Holding my head at my tiny cubicle trying to finish up 4 complicated pieces of analysis before I head to Langkawi tomorrow. 

Yeah yeah… all the talk about putting my heart first huh.   

Note on repeated food pics:  Yeah I posted them before… but I never explained them! 😛 I got myself a G10 and I don't have someone to cook dinner for me.  So I am now a food connoiseur/reviewer in training by bringing my G10 and money various places to try out their food.

A Taste Of Mum's Cooking

I found myself a tiny coffeeshop near Bugis called YY Kopitiam.  They serve Hainanese chicken rice.  When I first tried their spinach dish (above), I nearly choked on the food… because it tasted almost… just almost… exactly how my Mum would have cooked it.

And then I became a soppy idiot and freaked my friend out by falling silent and beginning to tear like those weird Japanese food shows where the person cries because the food they tasted was "ooiiiissshhiiiii~~!!!"

Since then, I've been coming here quite frequently for dinner.  I feel like I've found a piece of precious memory here just when I thought I would probably never come close to tasting Mum's cooking again.

Note on photo above: These dumplings were eaten somewhere in Chinatown (forgot the shop name..oops!) near this karaoke place called $10 karaoke (I know… what a literal name).

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Have you ever seen that movie with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet NOT being funny?  That was one of the best movies that I ever give Jim Carrey credit for.  I have forgotten many movies which I thought were tons better than this movie. 

But I can't forget this one.  Isn't that ironic? Considering that it's a movie about forgetting…?

By some coincidence which I previously thought impossible, Life allowed me to collide head on in a coincidental meeting with my ex from 10 years ago.

Note on photo above: Want a cheesecake that is so light you can eat 5 pieces straight and not feel sick?  Head down to Shokudo Japanese Restaurant in Bugis Junction.  You can't beat their tofu cheesecake.  Photo above is their blueberry cheesecake… which is just as great.  Nice, light yet sharp and tangy it makes me all cross-eyed with a gaga smile on my face >_<. 

First ex was a Malaysian boy from way up in North Malaysia.  He was the only ex ever to refuse to break up with me when I dropped the bomb on him and waited around my block repeatedly to ask repeatedly why I didn't want him anymore.

I thought he'd forgotten about the whole thing (cos I had) but he remembered:

1) Some soft toy elephant that he had given me which he later found in the trash (apparently I had thrown it away but I don't remember anything.  The years 2000 to 2006 seem to be totally blank)

2) My nagging him about everything from studying hard and not ruining his chances to his hostel room furniture (which I also don't remember)

After a bit he began to wonder whether he had mistook me for someone else (I guess I would be too because I didn't even remember any of the time we had spent together).

I told him jokingly: "The girl you knew is dead."

But he seemed sad when I said that and I felt somewhat bad and embarassed for him.  

The Girl You Knew is Dead

After the short exchange, I sat down and counted back the years and realised I couldn't remember anything in detail between teenagehood and early adulthood: 

I only remember the cool nights lying on the wet grass next to my best friend from Sarawak looking up at the stars over the university tower.

Those early mornings on my bike flying past Swan River feeling as if I could jump off my bike and take to the air like a bird. 

And all the evenings rushing back home to an anticipated dinner of pork rib and potato soups and stir fried spinach with garlic.  Or black sauce eggs and meat.  Or Mum's fantastic curry chicken.

While all the unhappy events seemed to have settled into a quiet aftermath of grateful appreciation tinged with lingering sadness, much like the clear sky over a now peaceful shoreline covered with broken boats.

I have almost nothing left of what I used to have.  A complete family, someone to watch over me constantly, the prospect of settling down and having children, a bright and outstanding career and my iron illusion of health. 

So why am I giddily happy and carefree?  Who can tell… I can't even begin to  explain.  I guess the old ellen is better off dead.:)

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  1. SusanMac says:

    We all change. I stayed married for 19 years to someone who did not love me. I do have four wonderful kids though. There is a silver lining for everything. Love your food pictures. My husband has joined a food photography group. They would probably love to have you.

  2. Wow… that's quite a feat… thanks for the encouragement! Yeah… I'll go check out the group 🙂

  3. Waterbaby says:

    those shumai look oiisshiii! 😉 as for the uni, you've picked one of the two Japanese foods for which I don't care (other being ikura)!

  4. But they really taste very good! 😀

  5. Waterbaby says:

    then you're invited to my quota! enjoy!

  6. digitalCG says:

    Mmm, food looks gooood!

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