The Longest* Wings You Ever Saw In Langkawi

Posted: October 2, 2009 in butterflies, holidays, macro photography
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* Subject to finding a butterfly with longer wings than this!

I waited for a while to talk about this. 

Read the article on it here:  Apparently this butterfly has not been previously discovered in Langkawi.  woohoo!

We were walking along the pretty-as-a-postcard-beach, taking more photos of the scenery, the sand, the blue skies  when we came across a bright orange butterfly 'humming' (beating its wings really fast) over a patch of grassy plants, hovering over a very faded and tattered butterfly.

When spooked by us, the bright orange pristine male stopped 'egg-beating' its long wings on the spot and suddenly sped off with the same kind of burst I'd seen with Commanders and Green Barons.

It arched along the beach and disappeared, leaving its very battered and used-up female hovering unharriedly from flower to flower.

We had to contend with poor shots (the female was balancing precariously from the flower and couldn't be still).  Spooking the male was a heavy price to pay because without a record shot, the butterfly couldn't be identified with certainty.

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  1. Emjay says:

    Oh – she does look battered poor thing. That must have been quite a sight. 🙂

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