Posted: October 11, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

A Troupe of 'Gibbons'

In search of 'gibbons' today, 20 or 30 of them turned up, all chattering excitedly amongst themselves.  No, actually they were trekkers.  20 of them! On a narrow forest trail!

 The group was extremely friendly and in high spirits. Even though they had trekked for probably more than an hour, judging from where they said they had come from.  It was nice bumping into happy faces instead of angry wild boar 😛

Note on photo above: I was so pleased to come across this cute little butterfly today. ^_^

The 'Real Gibbons'

The crashing, mashing 'Real Gibbons' were nowhere to be found.  Perhaps they had been scared away by the huge group of 'fake gibbons'.

I consulted a friend from the zoo about the 'gibbons' but nobody came across anything similar.

Initially, we discussed and speculated that it might be an escapee from the zoo.  But none of characteristics descrbed fell neatly into some of the known species wandering around in the reserves near the zoo. 


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  1. I am very worried. Please, try to find a way to release some of that stress. You have been through so much, you must take good care of yourself! Sports might be a good idea, but I think you should also pamper yourself and let other people pamper you. I'm sending love from Europe.

  2. Emjay says:

    Oh Ellen I'm sorry you are under such intense pressure and feeling so stressed. I hope that you can find someway to relieve it – as Nikki suggests maybe spoil yourself a little. I miss Tim Tams! The manservant came home yesterday after a trip to Australia and he brought back some packets of new "crush" honeycomb tim tams – they are really nice with a cup of coffee.

  3. fatcat says:

    Mmm, TimTams-especially the double coated ones…*droools* On topic, though: please take good care of yourself, take one day at the time, spend lots and lots of time outside, and treasure friendship and family over work and stress (sounds easy, eh? I know it ain't! But try.). More european hugs coming from me!

  4. Erroll Flynn says:

    Basic psychology teaches us that the instruction "don't think of a black cat" is impossible to follow, so as a psychologist he's a great doctor!

  5. *grabs love from Europe* Thanks Nikki! I'm spending more time with people around me… 🙂 I keep saying that I should do this even before we know too much but even then I don't do what I say… so now I have to do it in pain.. hahaha… sad… but oh well 🙂

  6. Oh no! Those honeycomb ones are soooo sinful! 😀 And Soooo GOOD! 😀

  7. *hugs back*… thanks … well… yeah…I am tryin to let it all go… but argh… I have to do this with deadlines. so… sigh…

  8. I think we'll go to jail for that… 😦 hahaha… ah well… I guess I'll eat more chocolates. X_X

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