Beautiful Days

Posted: October 18, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography
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Note on photo above: The reds and whites so exactly matching the pagoda flower's it's easy to imagine that butterflies are just flowers that can fly.

Beautiful Days

The past 2 days were cutouts of a child's crayon drawings of cheerful blue skies, puffy little sheep of clouds and a big yellow sun with great big rays of yellow sunshine.  It makes me want to run around waving my arms in the air screaming "whee!"









Note on photos above: I found flowers in bloom and berries in trees.  Who can resist such succulent colours and textures?

Blooming Beauty Everywhere

And just like a child's drawing of big red globes of apples in trees and huge pink flowers in the bushes, the trees and schrubs and plants were also heavy with fruits and flowers.  There was a heady smell of sweetness in the air.  The bees went crazy with it, and above them the dragonflies and above them, the birds.  

Note on photo above: A pristine female common mormon zipping away amongst the pagoda flowers.

The Butterflies Return

And with them, the butterflies were back in full force.  I found myself unable to leave patches of activity, with different groups of butterflies making their rounds on the same flowers… Painted Jezebels, Lemon Emigrants, Mottled Emigrants, Yellows, Common Mormons, Plain Tigers and Biggs' Brownies all fighting for space and territory.

Note on photo above: Plenty though they may be, plain tigers are not cooperative.  It wouldn't let me close enough to get a topside open winged shot…so I shot one with its face in a flower.









Note on photo above: This would be my first tatty shot of a tatty Common Evening Brown in Singapore.  I'd only ever shot one in Malaysia.  Probably cos I never shoot at the hours where it's likely to waltz out of hiding in this country.  Today this particular individual obliged.  And I was happy to get my first shot of a Singaporean Common Evening Brown.









Note on photos above: The dwarf crow was characteristically uncooperative as usual.  But at least it played musical flowers at a much slower rate than the emigrants and jezebels. 










Note on photos above:  I was surprised by the number of flying eggs on site this morning.  They were chasing each other very aggressively, flying tiring circles around each other repeatedly till even I felt tired for their fluttery wings.


























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  1. Lauri says:

    Once again I was mesmerised by your photos and your stories. I do so hope your pain will remained lessened. What a wonderful circumstance that your dad's lady friend could do that for you! And, what a great gift to your dad that you can accept her and allow him his happiness. So often that's a very difficult thing to do and I commend you. Please take good care…you are a gift to the universe! 🙂

  2. cat says:

    Glad to hear you (and your dad) are feeling happier – fabulous photos, love the top one especially

  3. Thanks Lauri! Yeah… who would have thought it? Life is strange…unpredictably harsh and cruel and yet throws in some unexpected wonder from the most unexpected places.

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