A Step At A Time

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I saw this up on the wall in my Dad's lady friend's clinic.  Roughly translated… with my bad Mandarin… it goes something like this:

"Life is but a play on a stage

Meeting is but a chance of fate

A love which lasts a lifetime is difficult to find

Shouldn't we then treasure it more?

Anger over the smallest things

Just looks silly when we look back on it

Others can fuss and fret but not I

Nobody bears my pain if I worry myself sick

Nobody will be any better off if I worry myself dead

Health and energy is laid to waste

Don't keep comparing yourself with neighbours and friends

Let children and grandchildren do what they will

Walk with me through the thick and through the lean

Even God admires the loving companionship"

Cooking For 3

OK.  So Life is not fair.  So things don't end up the way I planned.  But I guess it's time to stop calculating and say why should I blahblahblah.

I do enjoy cooking but the last time I did that was for mostly for Mum.  It's difficult to cook for yourself because it doesn't make any economic sense… and I just find it hard to get down to peeling garlic in the kitchen.  The sound of rustling garlic skin is such a lonely sound. 

But I do deserve to have better food than all the fast food and lunches and dinners on the go that I have been surviving on for the past year.  And since my brother's and Dad's health are also two of my top concerns, I guess they would also benefit from having some steamed cod once in a while.

I know I've always thought I've got my eyes wide open about a lot of things.  But I realise I don't.  And always thinking that I do does make me more blind than the person who is aware maybe he/she might be wrong.

And though I probably won't be able to change whatever I am and my whole life all at once, I guess I can just take it… one meal at a time, one day at a time.

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  1. Lauri says:

    Beautiful. Realization is a very big step. The mind does a lot of work behind the scenes. I have found that if I have a question/worry/problem, if I form the question about it in my mind, and then send it out….let go of it….an answer comes back to me..and I feel it is from some vast store of knowledge…the "collective subconscious" (I did hear Chopra speak a couple of times)….My point being….I don't have to cling to a worry…hold it to me…make myself sick over it…I can voice it and send it away…let go of it…and answers to appear. It's a strange phenomenon but I have seen it work over and over and over, if I just remember to use it! :)You are wise and getting wiser every day!

  2. Wow… I never thought of it that way. I'll try that…I don't really look for answers… I feel it's too much to ask. But it would be nice to let go… 🙂

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