Some more G10 experimentation

Posted: November 1, 2009 in macro photography, Uncategorized


For Your Eyes Only

Try this funny test:

I have perfect colour sensitivity.  So they say.   









 Just about everyone I know owns a G-series now.






















Why do the male archdukes not feed on the pineapples?  Why do only the female archdukes come to feed on the pineapples?










Note on photo above of male archdukes: The males raised their snarky butterfly eyebrows at the pineapples when offered as if I was trying to peddle them fish net stockings.  But then they hovered around the pineapples and feeding females as if they secretly wanted fish net stockings… or maybe they were attracted to the females… hmmmm?

Note on photo above: No no… he won't sit on the pineapples.  He'd sit on a fallen leaf, feed on a fallen fig and watch the females furtively from a quiet distance.

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  1. cat says:

    So many questions to ponder! Number 7 – interesting. What is the lovely looking Lime and creamy thing.

  2. They are archdukes… ermm.. .unless you are referring to the pineapple… where cream and lime thing? @_@…

  3. It's Matcha Green tea ice cream on red bean cheesecake! 😀 It's soooo goooooddd~~ 😀

  4. Lauri says:

    I have noticed all throughout life that the more desperately one wants something the more distant it remains. But, let it go. Say, "alright, if it comes, it comes"…the wished for thing is much more likely to appear. The gods have a warped sense of humor? Or are we supposed to learn something down here? I dunno. :)Enjoyed the pics and talk as always! So funny to see Chocolate's relieved face as compared to floating eyeball face!

  5. That's true. Seems like the harder you hold onto something, the more likely you will lose it.
    I guess we are supposed to learn something from it. Maybe we are supposed to be more appreciative. But so far, it's made me kinda numb and sceptical. Heh.
    You'd love Chocolate in dog-person. She's one of the friiieeenndliest dogs I have ever met! 😀

  6. Lauri says:

    Yeah, I'm a big cynic and skeptic, too. But I still feel like the universe is telling me "don't hold on to any one thing too tightly" and "all things are connected" and "embrace everything"…..but, then, I'm feeling all philosophical today! 😉

  7. Emjay says:

    The cheesecake and ice-cream looks really good! Love that chocolate doggie – such a cute face even with the frown.

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