Butterfly Lollies

Posted: November 22, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

Another Small Window Of Blue

Today was another small rare window of sunshine.

And Mother Nature's rare birthday gift were some of my favourite skittlebugs on melastoma icky sweet sticks. 












I finally got another photo of the Commander.  Unfortunately still without being able to isolate the butterfly completely in the photo.  But at least it hung around… like lollipop on a stick… colourful, bright and immobile… for a few minutes… while it drank greedily from the fruits.   

To add to my happiness, the Pandita Sinope Sinope also condescended to play lollipop on the same bush as the Commander.

And even allowed for both upperside and underside shots… even though it did make us work pretty hard for them, circling and circling again.

Also, the hoary palmer decided to show up while we were heading back.  Yay.  Record shot.









This weekend was really great.  A lot of the butterflies I've always wanted to shoot turned up.  Like the topside-green arhopala which I'd spent so much time tracing before on a different trail. 








Even the usually skittish malay baron turned up in pairs to celebrate.  And the male even cooperated to have a nice clean shot taken.   













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  1. Oh, your BIRTHDAY! How could I forget! I've got a little cold and a sore throat, but I'm sitting here in front of my screen singing a birthday song for you! I can imagine very well, how these days of celebration now are tinged with sadness, too. I hope, you'll soon appreciate and fully enjoy the 30s!!!!(walking off shaking her head over her bad case of birthday amnesia )

  2. Trailblazer says:

    Only 30? The best is yet to come . . . I have not been getting weekly updates in my email box . . .hmmmm. So when do you start with NatGeo? Happy BDay!

  3. digitalCG says:

    Welcome to the 30's! Your butterfly shots just get better and better, thanks for continuing to share.

  4. Beautiful photos, such patience you have!!!

  5. On the note of turning 30 – happy birthday you 1 year behind me. I must say I am not unhappy about turning 30. I am a lot more sure about myself now then when I was 20.

  6. Thanks Nikki! No worries … 😀

  7. Thanks 🙂 Shucks.. I need to get back to you on that…. Life is just overwhelming me now… mainly with laundry and housework! ~_~

  8. Thanks! 😀 Are they? Sigh… I've not even touched up on the latest photos in the latest post… too much Christmas parties to attend! Too many pressies to wrap! Even though it's fun 🙂

  9. That is true…:) I feel a lot of change too. Definitely happier… ah if only my body will feel the same way! 😀

  10. Toby Campos says:

    Bravo, seems to me, is a magnificent phrase

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