Gombak and a friend’s backyard

Posted: December 3, 2009 in butterflies, holidays, macro photography
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Note on photo above: Choc Albatross was sitting around a pile of sand in an Orang Asli community.

In a perpetual of cycle of bad timings, the second trip back to KL for butterflies this year happened to be the beginning of the Malaysian monsoon (the first had been in March towards the end of the monsoon).  So it was not surprising that I found myself standing in the rain all over again. 

Note on photo: And this nawaby looking butterfly was its companion.

As we left Sunway hotel for Gombak, the rain continued to pelt us.  Surprisingly, when we got to Gombak, the sun came out and shone out all the butterflies for a short sliver of a few hours. 









Note on photo: I encountered the same unmarked butterfly in FRIM.  The photo Record 3 is not the same butterfly as the one in the swinhoei photos.

Stopping by various small cul de sacs of wild vegetation, we could already spot 3 different species of skippers skipping around in the wet weeds, 1 very large iridescent topside-blue restless butterfly and your ubiquitous yellows, browns and rings.

Note on photo above: The Royal Assyrian wouldn't cooperate.  It's one beautiful butterfly!

The remainder of the butterflies in these areas hung largely out of the camera's reach and we could only admire them from the muddy ground where we stood. 

Note on photo above: This butterfly wouldn't stay put.  It eats on the move.

Deeper into Orang Asli village within the Gombak area, I was surprised to find a good number of butterflies puddling on sand mounds around houses and perched on potted vegetation.   

A photographer friend from KL mentioned that it was not atypical to find these species of butterflies hanging around in these areas.

A stream passes along the small village and it was here that I got my second and third leech bite (the first was in FRIM.  I didn’t get bitten in Langkawi, Endau Rompin or Sarawak… how cool is that?  The forest has been merciful).

Note on photo above: I can't ID this damselfly.  And don't want to just slap it with a wrong identification with lousy guesswork.  Need to get myself that dragonfly book with photos instead of drawings.

A photographer handed me some tobacco to put over the bites.   You’d be surprised at how effective it was.  The bleeding stopped almost immediately and it didn’t itch during the night either.

Note on photo above:  The red spot on the wing makes me hesitant to say that this is the Fenestrella.

The second site which we visited was a forested area in my friend's backyard: Hutan Simpan Ayer Hitam Puchong. 

The entry into this forested area was next to a pretty lake studded with tall wooden stilts.  It was the kind of backyard I always dreamed of living next to, complete with leeches and wild boars (as evidenced by wet excavation pits made by some very large boars).  









Note on photos above: Why did the tail-less chicken cross the road?  To distract 3 men from their winged subject.

Unfortunately the wet weather didn't yield and there weren't much subjects to shoot.  The vegetation was extremely dense and there was literally no sunlight penetration after a some metres into the dense forest cover. 









Note on photo above: I got leech bites.  The stockings were not sheer enough.  Sigh.  Also photo of the friendly staff at MNS.

Since I was in KL, I took the opportunity to stock up on more books before I left.  The books in MNS are almost 60% cheaper than they are over here.  The difference is crazy. 










Note on photos above:  Check out the fire over which the locals cook Lemang… a type of tasty glutinous rice.
















Below are some of the tasty rice treats which you can find along the roads around Gombak such as the Lemang, a glutinous fragrant rice snack cooked over a fire and eaten with spicy chicken (see pic below):

In these Orang Asli villages, farm fowl roam free around the premises and even on the roads, mingling with an assortment of half-domesticated strays.  The people who live in these huts are extremely friendly and very photogenic.


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  1. Another exciting trip. You're courageous to confront with bears from the past. I'd hide in the woods, if I stumbled over one.

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