All Quiet

Posted: December 13, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography

Note on photos of praying mantis: A mantis does not pray.  It's preys.  And thus shows us all what the business of its prayer.

I never noticed the small illusory pupil of the mantis' compound eye until I saw it move. 

Note on photo above:  Never has The Knight obliged so willingly for a shot this close.

All was quiet on the front today even though it was an atypically sunny December day.  The knights were surprisingly common and subdued and even allowed for a rare ventral shot.

The Horsfield's Baron was not so cooperative but it hung around to rhythmically flip up its bluish brown wings for a chance shot to be taken. 

The Chestnut bob perched in feeding ecstacy on some bird poop that it didn't mind me hovering over it and flashing it repeatedly (skippers are usually very sensitive to flash).

Note on photo above: A very sugary sculpture at the Ritz.

 The rest of the butterflies didn't cooperate that day.  Although the patch at the entry had its usual pickings of Common Mormons and Common Caeruleans.

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  1. Trailblazer says:

    Have some chocolate, you'll feel better.

  2. digitalCG says:

    Fight it, go on. You'll probably lose anyway and end up even more bitter, but it may afford you some glorious moments along the way, some stories to share.

  3. But I'm allergic to chocolate 😦

  4. Yeah I am… it's a losing battle… oh but heck… I find it much harder to resign to reality… HEH! 😀

  5. I congratulate, it is simply excellent idea

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