Poor Katie…

Posted: December 21, 2009 in butterflies, macro photography
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Only just yesterday, this lil caterpillar was moving like a freight train through my little tank… one day later… it was covered in little furry eggs and didn't seem to be moving.

Note on photo above: Butt view

She wasn't eating yesterday so I went down into the forest in my corporatey too-tight-for-hills-skirt after work thinking that maybe she needed young saplings of the host plant.

Note on photo above: The lifeless or paralysed head… hanging out sadly… instead of covered with its fleshy mantle.

I hesitated initially about going into the forest in my slippers… but… the thought of her starving was unbearable.  

Note on photo above: When Katie was alive… and parasited… (maybe it's those weird tear shaped white markings on its sides)…:(

After running around in the forest till almost dark, I found all the saplings I needed.  And was treated to a rare display (to me, anyway) of huge Saturns chasing each other in the darkness above my head.  I'd never seen them like that before in the daytime.  All out and about in the open.

It was an amazing sight…HOWEVER… I don't think I'd do that again anytime soon.

The forest at night is a really spooky place.  Its a complete opposite of the beauty it breathes in the daylight.

Sadly, Katie was dead and all my effort was wasted.

I'd been so horribly busy lately.  What with all the running around in the forests at night and attending way too many weddings and Christmas parties (before Christmas even!). 

But baking gingerbread for people I love is really fun!  Only downside is that I don't want to touch a gingerbread man after having been wafted with that overly sweet smell of brown sugar, golden syrup and ginger powder from preparation to decoration.

In my opinion, baking and decorating them is way more fun than eating them! (I tried bringing them on the field while shooting butterflies in case I got hungry… but I kept getting attacked by ardent ants!)

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  1. Poor little Katie. Kudos for trying to safe it!

  2. I just learnt it was actually a moth! Pompelon marginata… (Yoda pointed out)… thank goodness I didn't touch Katie… otherwise I would probably be covered in fuzz as well (gauze balls covered with calamine lotion!)… hahaha

  3. SusanMac says:

    Those cookies look yummy

  4. Waterbaby says:

    Merry Christmas, butterfly! Wonderful pics as usual.

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