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Posted: January 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Note on photo above: A diver tried to offer his regulator to an animal when he suffered from nitrogen narcosis. When he was up from the dive and everything was fine and dandy, this feat unfortunately became the butt of diver jokes.  Poor guy.

Normally on weekends like this, I wouldn't be found anywhere near home.  But unfortunately, I came down with a bout of flu and fever over the weekend… and could only contend with my imagination.

What are the odds?

I was snorkelling by myself in the Tachai Bay area off the boat and free diving to photograph the school of collared butterflyfish when I finned right into a Canon camera.  How many divers come across floating and good condition Canon cameras their whole lives?

I decided it must be because the owner was fated to find her camera back.  How many underwater photographers get returned a camera that was lost at sea?

I found a photo of the LOB in the camera and managed to make contact with someone who knew the owner. 

What are the odds!??! 

I also went to the Raffles Museum recently to poke my nose in their exhibitions (not literally).  Funny how things go, but living creatures which were once vibrantly beautiful and colourful just tend to go the way of beige when jarred (Charismatic, slow-moving clown triggers are black all over, the spots you see and the cute little brow below its eyes is white, and the pale area around the mouth and the fins are a bright cheeky egg yolk yellow).  Nevertheless, there were some things which were mind-blowing like the fibre glass coelacanth and this bit about Tiger sharks in Pasir Panjang… O_o

Note on photo above: I heard of bull sharks in Singapore waters… but tiger sharks? … Huh… won't it be one heck of an experience to bump into one in less than 1m visibility waters on a murky dive?  That's kind of like meeting a whale shark on a really special once-in-a-lifetime dive… minus the very reassuring fact that it only feeds on plankton..:P 

Note on photo above: Can you tell which is Green Turtle, which is Hawksbill Turtle? (by the way, no flash was used in this photo… the light spots are from the lighting above the display) 

Read this article on how: http://www.daveharasti.com/articles/speciesspotlight/turtles.html

I remember this funny conversation between two divers on how to tell the difference:

Diver 1: "How do you know what turtle that is?"

Diver 2: "Just count the number of scales between the eyes."  (This is actually not incorrect. See how.

Diver 1: "From so far, how you count the number of scales between the eyes?!?!  You think turtle stay there let you count meh?"


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  1. Emjay says:

    I hope you are feeling better now. I wouldn't like to bump into any type of shark in any type of weather!! That was a really nice thing you did in tracking down the owner of the camera.

  2. ahahahah!! Not even a whale shark? They are beautiful huge plankton eaters… they have filters for teeth… and are friendly, lovely, slow-moving, beautifully marked fish who just take your breath away…. Even the more experienced divers gape in awe in spite of themselves at this beautiful fish! You must want to see at least this one! 😀

  3. Lauri says:

    I, too, hope you are feeling better!I would LOVE to swim with a whaleshark. It's a possibility someday when hubby and I go on a cruise in the Caribbean.

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