Canon G10 and the floaty Inon strobe

Posted: January 12, 2010 in holidays, macro photography
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Look Ma! No [strobe] arms! 

A diver uploaded a photo of my very inconvenient setup this morning.  Just looking at it reminds me of how clumsy it all was, with my right hand stretched over the entire bulk of the casing with one finger on the trigger and my left arm flailing about in the water like a one-clawed crab.

My prreecciiiouuusss~~

It was so bulky and clumsy I carried it around like a 9-month pregger belly while floating around in the water so that it wouldn't dangle and hit the corals.

Look ma! I'm flyin'! Wheeee~~~

The only time it didn't feel like much was when we were doing a drift dive in strong currents.  I just go up a bit above the corals, catch the currents and fly away wherever the currents take me, weightless as a bird in the sky…. I do love that feeling!

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  1. Lauri says:

    I think you are an underwater Na'vi! :)It's amazing all the schtuff you have and all the effort you go through to get the incredible shots that you do. Much admiration from me! 🙂

  2. Waterbaby says:

    gosh dang it do look like so much fun!!! I am soooooo envious ….

  3. Thanks Lauri! I wish I was Na'vi! 3metres tall, beaaaauuutiful, strong-spirited and unwavering in their love for the environment! 😀

  4. Waterbaby! I do hope you get to try that one day too! 🙂
    P.S. Some people work for a dive shop and get their dive training free…:P That's how one of my friends did it 🙂

  5. Lauri says:

    I wish I were Na'vi, too! Running through the trees, so sure-footed and riding on dragons. Sigh. 🙂

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