Fields of Dew

Posted: February 27, 2010 in butterflies, macro photography

These wild fields of dew.  Beautiful, tricking through my sifting hands as I look for love in the grass, only because they are transient as the moments the sun stops in its pace across the sky.  And for that perfect moment, gives everything wings of light.

And my love weeps its soul from Heaven back onto Earth in the humblest vessels of leaves.  Only for it to repeat its slow cumbersome toil to where my hands cross your dew-strewn path.  And we rejoice in our denial of limited time and place for love as you realise you will live and I see God in every mark, every perfection in your deceivingly simple making.

And would the sun but stay in its place to let us keep our halos, and the dew but stay on the leaves, and would the world never find this place, where your path crosses mine. 

Should I tell you that there is a greater darkness than the shadows of swift wings and the clever guise of a mantid prayer?  When good intentions have lost their memories, and clever minds have lost their hearts, I can protest that I never meant to hurt you, imprisoned in my silence as we answer to our nature and come together as one to bear our guilt in our indecision and decision to break your cycle of reincarnation of love.


Lies in rightful dress suits of Compromise, Prioritisation, Management, Restraints, Contraints and Substitution will compel us to live, barely, stoically. 

I will look at your unbreakable gaiety in your cage through my own, unable to be near.  And whilst God made you joyful and untainted with a memory, I will suffer from the memory of the love you once freely gave, your halo of light in the dawn, and the sun through your delicate wings, kneeling amongst the soft grass, as we both rejoiced, as you believed you will live and I see God in you.


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  1. Kira says:

    I always enjoy your wonderful shots! Keep it up!

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