Selling Mother Nature (Goodbye, my Love)

Posted: March 20, 2010 in butterflies, macro photography
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Call her any name that you will.  After she reaches the end of the row, you won’t remember her name.

If we can’t bring ourselves to go half the way to meet each other, if neither of us would go the distance to bring the other up from the edge, how can we possibly see past ourselves to hold each other in agreement towards a greater purpose than our own gain?

Mine. Yours.  Right.  Wrong.  Your grudge.  My hate.  Your gun.  My knife.

Are we missing the point?  Or are we fulfilling prophecies?

My playground is the bosom of the unprotected wilderness.  She is a harpy who lays traps of crushing trees and snares of snakes for the unwary and fateful.  And then holds you up gently to the stroke of the travelling wind, lifts your soul up to open skies and opens your inner eye to the secret of the Old and Wise.

For a soul remains asleep, until it learns to love an animal.

And a person has never seen, until he sees the purpose in a blade of grass.

Nature stands before us in all her untamed glory.  She plays by nobody's rules but hers.  She will give you Life, feed you with her flesh and cradle you in bubbling brooks of her blood.  Her hair sprawls and grows past our imaginary boundaries and breaks through our stone walls, her anger is the huge sea wall of salty tears mightier than the foundations of our settlements and a belt of fire with a force greater than all the destructive power of our civilisations put together.

Why do we insist on smoothing out all her tangled curls?  Why do we want to corset her in, teach her manners and thrust her to be sold like meat at a market?  Do we think we can?

Must she stand in the street corner like a tramp and offer you trinkets of hotels and the make-belief joy of gilded tubs, pretty marble and granite before you think you have finally taught her to know her place in the world of Man? 

A blind, proud and fearful man builds a garden with fences and gates.  A man who knows his greater purpose is armed with a greater understanding of the greater mysteries of Nature and earns his place beside her.

How much longer will Nature stay in love with us before she decides to destroy us?

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  1. fatcat says:

    Love the eyes of the butterfly in the first picture. And your writing!

  2. Thanks! This family of butterflies has spectacular blue or green eyes. 🙂

  3. You can say that again. 🙂 Thanks…

  4. realworld says:

    My pleasure…. Thus I'll do!

  5. Kira says:

    Wow. Your writting along with your pictures. And yes, balance is way out of whack. I'll be happy to just get my mountain rancher before I retire… My garden and the forest around me. My lil' dream.

  6. That's my dream too! 😀 But that's not going to be possible for me where I live. I live in a city island (Singapore). There are no mountains and mountain ranches here. 🙂

  7. Mark says:

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