To See The World In A Butterfly

Posted: June 5, 2010 in butterflies, macro photography
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To see the world in a butterfly
You must first on the bare earth lie
Look up into the sky
And let your heart take wing.


A male Chocolate Albatross shot in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur.

Where might you have been?
What have your tattered wings seen?
To fly with you, my soul is keen
Come and take me to the brink.

Your freedom tresspasses all
I lay trapped in this shell
Everything in my world becomes so small
When on your amazing travels I dwell


The migrant Chocolate Albatross butterfly travels great distances from Malaysia all the way to Singapore.  The butterfly is seasonal and is not always found throughout the year.  This rare female spotted in a Nature Reserve was a rare find as females are very rarely seen.  In this rare occasion, the female also appeared to be puddling, a behaviour which is not impossible but is rarely observed amongst female butterflies.

To see the world in a butterfly
Worldly pleasures become a lie
Look at life through your mind's eye
And let your soul take flight.

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  1. Distances are not that packed. Distances are so much more numerous

  2. What beautiful words and gorgious photographs of butterflies. What does puddling mean?

  3. Kira says:

    I keep forgetting to leave notes when I'm checking on everyone – but I wanted to tell you that I still very much enjoy the pictures you post! Keep up the lovely work!

  4. i love these types of post these butterflies are awesome and my dissertation help topic is of nature and its elements 🙂 thanks a lot

  5. i love these types of post these butterflies are awesome and my dissertation help topic is of nature and its elements 🙂 thanks a lot

  6. Puddling is a behaviour where butterflies come down to the wet ground and began sucking up the minerals and fluids there while at the same time discharging fluid from their abdomens. 😀 Butterflies do this to gain minerals which they can't obtain from flower nectar. 🙂
    Thanks for your kind words! 😀

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