Don’t Mime Me

Posted: June 29, 2010 in butterflies, macro photography
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Don't Mime Me

A walk out into the daylight-soaked forests on a bright Saturday was rewarded with an encounter with the rarely restful Common Mime.  The time was 3:40p.m.-4p.m. on both occasions when the Mime was encountered in a restful mood.  The other timings where this was encountered was at 9a.m. early in the morning when the Mime perched on a low branch sunning its wings.

Other encounters with the Mime saw the butterfly flying out of reach, fluttering restlessly from flower to flower, from tree to tree, disappearing quickly out of longing photographer's sight.

The butterfly is named so because it mimes distasteful and poisonous butterflies such as the Blue Glassy Tiger and Dark Glass Tiger.  And so it stakes a gamble on its life, mimic-ing the slow graceful flight, playing a hopeful card of psychological warfare against its predators.

The butterfly puddled and returned after each disturbance for a relatively long period of time, enough for all of us to get shots of both angles before it was frightened away by the approaching rumble of an Nparks truck coming to remove a nearby fallen branch.

The young of the butterfly feeds on Wild Cinammon, which always raised my hopes momentarily when I spot a caterpillar on it, only to find that it belongs to the Pompelon marginata moth. 😦

Check out the full life history recorded by Horace Tan here:


Used To Be My Playground

On other butterfly-related matters, the grounds of the mysterious Jamides butterfly has been totally destroyed, leaving its identity forever a mystery.

And so it was later, standing in a yet to be destroyed field amongst the playing Lemon Emigrants, it dawned on me that everything beautiful and pristine attracts devastation and violence.  The sunlit scenes of grass and flowers seared my mind, the restless field covers of Striped Albatrosses, the shimmering wings of tiny blues on the edges of the field into the shadows of the trees, the melodious birdsong in the morning, now torn and ravished by bulldozers, tractors and a huge pile of foundation cement blocks. 

Sorry little boys, little girls.  Sorry people of the unknown, unseen future generations.  I hope you enjoy the sterile emptiness punctuated by violent storms, earthquakes and man-made devastation. 

The Lemon Emigrants flit under and over the leaves and flit around my hands and ankles, as if to say, Don't be sad, we are of this time and age and not of tomorrow.  So let us play, let us enjoy the comfort of one another.  Look at us, do we worry?  Do we fret?  Come with us, we are Wanderers of the World.  This place gives us no home and we ask for none.  This violence will never touch us.  This cruelty will never taint us.  We are here but we are not of this world.  Don't wring your hands.  Don't fight.  You cannot stop this world from fulfilling its prophecy. 

2nd Anniversary 

And how right the little simple creatures were.

Worrying about the Fate of the World when I can't even get a taxi driver to send me to the graveyard to visit my mother's grave.

And so I stood in the rain with my little umbrella as every taxi I stopped said: "Graveyard? Oh no no no.. sorry ar.. no la… you find somebody else."

Out of 10 horrible taxi drivers, you will find just 1.  And as if to restore your faith in humanity, the taxi driver agreed to wait for us as we put flowers on her grave and spend a few moments of comtemplative silence. 

Unfortunately, that was not enough to stop me from getting the flu after standing in the rain long enough for 9 taxi drivers to tell me how superstitious they were.

This is the age of the last butterfly standing.  You might be a happier person if you loved malls and Gucci more than rolling around in grassy fields of flowers.  That is, until the seas run dry and you have to eat your Gucci. 

How'd you'd wished then that climate-gate was really only about a scandal.  How'd we'd all wished then that it was only about politics.

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  1. Lauri says:

    "So let us play, let us enjoy the comfort of one another. Look at
    us, do we worry? Do we fret? Come with us, we are Wanderers of the
    World. This place gives us no home and we ask for none. This violence
    will never touch us. This cruelty will never taint us. We are here but
    we are not of this world. Don't wring your hands. Don't fight. You
    cannot stop this world from fulfilling its prophecy."How sad but true and even comforting. And if this is how it must be, why should we fret? The Universe is going down a certain path. We little humans will not ultimately affect that path. The Universe will see to that.

  2. 🙂 … Yes. It will.

  3. Lauri says:

    One of my favorite quotes is from a Terry Pratchett novel, The Wee Free Men, and the quote is.."Against one perfect moment the centuries beat in vain." Wen, the Eternally Surprised. Your blog is a collection of perfect moments, with lots of deep thoughts mixed in.

  4. LOL. I love Terry Pratchett. But I've not read that before. I love that quote. I love "eterally surprised" even more! hahaa ^_^

  5. Lauri says:

    Oh for heaven's sake. I don't know why I said that quote was from the "Wee Free Men". It's from Pratchett's "Theif of Time".
    A thousand pardons for the misdirection. 🙂

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