“Lying On My Back” At “The Old River”

Posted: July 29, 2010 in butterflies, holidays, macro photography
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Before you raise your brows and ask me why I was lying on my back by the river, I must warn you… that this is one heck of a batty post.  That's because I have half an hour to blurb this before I put myself into bed.

And everything that bypasses the censor function in the brain and goes straight to my fingers usually turns out to be less than whatever it is that I usually try to be sensible about.

Note on photo above: "Should I eat that?" wondered the dragonfly.  "Will my friends and family eat that?" wondered the ant. 

I was at Sungai Tua (Old River) and Hutan Lipur Lentang (Lentang Recreational Forest Reserve) over the weekend.  Interestingly, Lentang means "lying on one's back" or "clanging sound".  I decided that lying on one's back was more fun although the only ones that were lying on its back in the forest reserve that day was the Jewel Nawab, who chilled out in the tree tops, drinking a lemonade while I laid on my back in the sand waiting impatiently for it to turn up (it never did).

Note on photo above: How difficult is it to get an open-winged shot of chinensis?  First you have to get close, which is friggin' hard enough.  And then you have to time your trigger finger to be more reactive than your eye so that you can machine gun at the dragonfly the moment it opens up its wings.

Note on dragonfly photos:  While the Jewel Nawab stood us up, I went around the area and found a patch of different types of dragons.

I climbed over rocks and fallen trees, hungrily scavenging between rocks and sunlit sandbanks looking for unsuspecting butterflies staring blankly into the distance thinking on some far away flower fantasy.

Note on butterfly above: Argentina?  What a name! I love it!  And it's rare too! Maradonna I forgive you too!

Thankfully, dreaming butterflies are as easy to find as broken people on park benches.  Thank goodness for park benches.

Note on skippities everywhere: Lentang attempted to compensate 1 Jewel Nawab for 2 uncommonly seen skippers but I didn't feel it was a fair trade although I did turn over from lying on my back waiting for the Jewel Nawab and take photos of them.  Bet Lentang was happy.

Note on photo of butterfly above: I think it's male.  Check out the chest hair.  How manly.

The Old River is not as meditative sounding as its name.  It wasn't old, wise and ready to tell you stories.  It was overcrowded, dirty, teeming with picnic-goers and pinched here and there with construction that had begun but don't look like they are ever going to get done.

And on the quaint wooden bridge that arched over the shallow rushing river, a stage play was being filmed, into which I trudged directly into with water spurting out of my leech socks.

I'd have told them that it wasn't necessary to have additional entertainment in an area with as much wildlife as this.

But I was enjoying myself way too much wiggling my toes in the river water in my large boots to completely take in the look of disdain on the stage actor's face.

And now I wish Lentang and Sungai Tua was my backyard.  And then it is.  Only that my backyard is 500km away from home.  What the heck.

But now I'm out of time so I leave you with RPA and the United Nations of Sound with "A Thing Called Life"

"You gotta learn to swim against the tide"

"You gotta learn to drop your foolish pride"

"You gotta learn to know the things that does"

"You gotta learn that dreams do open up and power and money can fuck you up"

this Thing Called Life


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