Manufactured Leisure

Posted: August 8, 2010 in wide angle photography

With the rain pelting down the last few weekends coupled with the need to keep up with the rat race of work and studies, I was left with the ill-afforded option of the rich man's entertainment during the long weekend.

So I bought a poor man's version of a rich man's wide angle lens and did my best to pretend that my all my rides cost $26 a pop and wing much higher than transit for the masses.

I numb through all crowded morning rides like a resigned prostitute getting jolted, shoved and used by the next customer like toilet paper, looking vacantly at the ceiling wondering if today was gonna be a good day.

And layered deep under my indifference lies a peace-philic magnetic force which automatically forces me to exhibit similar behaviour to bus-diversions during event heavy periods.  Given a choice, I detour along remote, god-forsaken areas at cruising happy speed and can't believe my luck when everybody else has decided to converge at points from which I've diverted expertly.

And this happy $26 ride is neither necessary nor diversion.  Just money wasted on an event which only graced my life twice so far. And like elevator music and the momentarily entertainment screensaver, it supplements the limbo environment between the rains and being with my beloved butterflies.

I wasted my butterfly-less waking hours swinging in the direction of my peace-seeking magnetic force field from cable cars and shopping malls to deserted highways and byways.

And dragging an arsenal of lenses across highways at 4a.m. at night, amongst lovers laid out on the bare cement next to the water coloured in lights, all of us drunk from our own illusions of grandeur. 

The drummer boys at Vivo City toe the line and drum in consistency to the theme while I pretend that I am safe behind my lens.


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  1. fatcat says:

    I am slightly at a loss for words, but your post is too good to be left uncommented for long 🙂 Your pictures (which shows a new side of your photographing skills, cool!) are really good, both technically and in the story they tell – and even more so when coupled with your writing. You have got so much talent, it turns me a wee bit green with envy 😉

  2. I love the nighttime pictures. The reflections in the water. All of the lovely colors. Fantastic!

  3. Wow… thanks for the very kind comments. I'm glad you think that they are good 😀

  4. Thanks! I'm glad you like them too! 😀

  5. Dawn V. says:

    thank you for these images and thoughts.

  6. I concur with fatcat! WOW – great series – loved the post! 🙂

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