Rain On The Bunker Trail

Posted: August 22, 2010 in butterflies, holidays, macro photography

It rained all Saturday on Bunker Trail.  In drips and draps from a mourning overcast sky.  And the butterflies hunkered down in the treetops, barely able to move from lethargy.

In the small windows of light, the beautiful Wanderer fell like blue petals from the treetops, blown by the wind down towards the captivated eye. 

The Wanderer is not exclusively elusive, like the Blue Nawab, to convincingly fly so high, so fast that you sigh and walk on.  It flies half-heartedly and indecisively slow and near and yet immediately swoops fast and away part way out of your sight on the trail around the bend of trees.  And then as you give up, it comes back again to give you encouragement to follow it on down to who knows where.

But if you wait and patiently follow, the Wanderer beats a long path, far and away, to come back again, sometimes in gaps of an hour, to reward you with the rare open winged shot.

On the other extreme, this beetle was all for the taking.  It allowed me to manipulate the leaf it was on so that it was facing the sunlight.  And when that didn't cut it, it flew to a more cooperative perch in an unharried and patient manner like a slightly irritated parent adjusting himself at the kitchen table to read the Sunday newspaper.

I dare say this beetle is better looking than some butterflies.

On much happier days, this small colourful snake could be found coiled up near the path looking too cute to do any harm to anybody's calf (I'm sure it would though).  I'd identify this snake but the whole of "A Photographic Guide to Snakes and Other Reptiles of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand" hadn't seen this snake yet I bet.  I also dare say that this snake is prettier and more intimidatingly awesome than even the rarer territorial eggfly.

But I love butterflies to the point of stupidity.

It's just as well that the sky cried depression all day and I moped around the forest disappointedly because the Banded Swallowtail decided it'd have had enough of all the whining from everyone and refused to fly around and make the whole scene a little happier… even when I literally breathed down on its shiny wings.  It never used to stop for me.

On an even happier note, I think this is what it is.  A new record for me.  Even though I'm sure that I'm not sure but deep down I actually am very sure… .that this is not a Yamfly. 

But this is a Yamfly.  Look closely and spot the differences.  Now read page 299 of C&P4.  And suffer from the same wonderment as me.

Now I'll be sensible and tell you informatively that the foodplant of The Wanderer is the Capparis heyneana and that the female looked so much like the Yellow Glassy Tiger that I ignored the female 4 times on the trail and failed to understand what Yoda was doing as he fired enthusiastically at the female while she fluttered around a flower.

But then what fun would that be?

I could tell you that I really don't think this is a Common Imperial because it looked way much bigger than any of the Common Imperials I'd seen in my life.  But I'd defer my suspicions to more experienced judgment because again, I'm sure that I'm not very sure but deep down actually I am sure that there is something really wrong with this Common Imperial.

Must have overate or something.

The Banded Yeoman also never let me near and I suffered from severe unrequited love from all members of its skittish family. But also on that happier day when the sky was not depressed, it was more generous, as it played the butterfly's luck card with Gandalf, landing just barely a footstep after he'd trudged past off an off-trail and landed smack right in front of my foot saying: "Congratulations! You've won the butterfly lottery! Now shoot me before I change my mind!"

I also had my heart broken by the Great Mormon many a times but after it started reciprocating many times, I always did my part as an honourable lover and got down on all fours in the mud to make sure that I did it the honour of shooting it everytime it got down on all 6 to feed. 

I opened the Lascar Lucky Draw and got the Perak Lascar.  Again!  When am I going to win me something other than a Malayan or Perak Lascar?!?

Now I fail to write what I'm not supposed to write and fail to write what I'm expected to write either.  Doing neither I fail to make any sense but fly around in silly mile-ranging circles like The Wanderer, never coming when it should, never going where you wished it would. 


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  1. fatcat says:

    Lovely, your pictures never fail to amaze me!

  2. Raymond says:

    I saw your pictures on flickr. I had to rush over to the vox. I just had to tell you how much I liked your pictures.

  3. Thanks! This was two trips' worth of butterfly photos. Both days didn't yield enough to make a post! 😛

  4. Wow thanks Raymond! Aww.. you're always too kind. My photos could never compare to yours! 🙂

  5. Raymond says:

    "…never compare…" Well perhaps you're right, but if so…why do I always find such inspiration in your work? Not sure exactly, but I suspect,with a high degree of confidence, that you, my dear friend, are quite the better artist. 🙂

  6. xiaobubu006 says:

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  7. To the better artist…Ellen, have found you! Added you to my Blogroll…its some listing to the side of my blog here on WordPress which allows me to brag about who my friends are…but alas, I couldn’t figure out how to put you at the top of the list…at least know that you’re at the top of my thoughts. 🙂

  8. Love, love, love your background! :o)

  9. Kimberly says:

    YAY! So glad to find you here!

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