Streets of South Korea

Posted: September 10, 2010 in holidays, Korea
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Now that poor Vox is dead and gone. this will be my first WordPressed post.  Why is it that WordPress doesn’t allow one large scrolling image background instead of a singular small one and tiles?  I’m not getting the hang of WordPress. 

Anyhoo, I’d just returned from the land of kimchi and … kimchi. 

Ok I’ll admit that their wines are fantastic… if you’ve never tried their raspberry wine from their wine museum, you’re gonna miss something smoother than some of the popular Moscatos.

But I’ve got hundreds of photos of South Korean culture, food and beautiful people to share with you on top of trying to work with frustrating WordPress with a new computer while trying to whip off 60 chapters of part-time study torture.  And yet I’ve got to go to bed now so I can appreciate (and photograph) the sunrise tomorrow. 

I just want it all.

But updates will be coming! So come back soon!

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