The Jewelled Prince and The Other Furry One

Posted: November 4, 2010 in butterflies, dogs, holidays, macro photography
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Note on photo: The Jewelled Prince – After dreaming about it and talking about it, the elusive beauty of the Jewel Nawab has finally filtered through my C180 and and graced my very own digital RAW file.

Turns out it’s attracted to something but you’ll have to guess what that something is.  I’d monopolised the spot for it, even driving Yoda away.

Me: “Go away! I haven’t shot it!”

Yoda: “Don’t be so kiasu! I’m so far away!”

Me: “Go away! Go away!”

Yoda: “Don’t be so kiasu!!” [walking nearer]

Me: “No! [Yoda: Don’t be kiasu!] Go away! [Yoda: Kiasu!] ARRGH!”

*The Jewelled Prince flits away to the treetops.*

Note on photo: The Female Plush.  The butterfly that drove Nelson crazy walking up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down the same trail until he finally sat down and drank a can of Eureka Lemon.

Eventually, after waiting for ages and theorising with Gandalf on the approximate distance at which I should be in order for the Prince to flitter back down, the Prince (in perfect agreement with Gandalf) came down as I took a few steps away from his throne (spot).

Everybody got a snipe at the Prince who sat there belligerently in front of 3 photographers with their face in the dirt prostrating themselves before his magnificence.

But by the time I ran to get Yoda and Chng, the time of the Prince had passed and poor Chng didn’t get the Prince RAW.

Note on photo: The Malay Yeoman was puddling in the ash, lending a brilliant jolly orange contrast against the sad black torn up background.

And now for the Other Furry One who finally obliged to stay still for a photo after SOOOOO long!

"Play with me?"


"Fine! You won't play with me I'll CHEW ON THIS SHOE!"

  1. Lauri says:

    The Jeweled Prince is spectacular! What a wonderful feeling to finally have him in your collection!

    Papillon! What a sweetie!

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